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Shannon Matthews Mother arrested !!!!!

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kay1981 Mon 07-Apr-08 09:22:21

They have arrested her on perverting the course of justice - which i think means lying to the police under oath doesnt it?

Is it at all possible that they knew where she was all the time?

Perhaps cahnnel 4 should now re-show the documentary on shannons family and see how it is received knowing what we know.

kay1981 Mon 07-Apr-08 09:22:57


scanner Mon 07-Apr-08 09:24:33

I sky+'d the documentary and then didn't watch it because I thought it would be too depressing. I wish I had now.

It looks very fishy.

edam Mon 07-Apr-08 09:24:54

blimey. This case gets curiouser and curiouser.

Callisto Mon 07-Apr-08 09:29:36

She probably lied about her boyfriend's whereabouts. I can't imagine she knew where Shannon was hidden - although it speaks volumes that she hasn't been allowed any contact with her daughter since she was found, and doesn't seem bothered about not seeing her.

Callisto Mon 07-Apr-08 09:30:43

In fact I wonder if Shannon had refused to see her? (madly speculating here obviously)

BetteNoir Mon 07-Apr-08 09:31:20

I saw on BBC24 at 2am that a 32 year old woman had been arrested, and wondered if it was Shannon's mother.

Pennies Mon 07-Apr-08 10:27:15

I understand that from quite early on there has been the suspicion amongst the police that the whole abduction was a set up. The suggestion is that they were hoping that a fund Find Madeleine one would generate some ££.

Poor kids. Though in some way I can't help but feel that this situation is perhaps the best thing that's happened to them because it might get them somewhere better. sad

kay1981 Mon 07-Apr-08 10:30:11

Pennies - yeah, i think thats what the "abductor" told the police, that they set it up, hoping to get £1 million like the mccanns. sad for those kids though.

Twinkie1 Mon 07-Apr-08 10:30:57

DH mentioned that he thought this was a money making exercise from the off - now he is being all 'Told You So!'

Thought the documentary on Channel 4 was incredible - I can't believe people live like that to be honest - but I have never been to a sink estate - it is so sad for those children - they need somewhere warm and safe and clean, somewhere with boundaries and love and affection not somewhere used as a doss house by all and sundry with people loafing around and smoking and stuff near them - appalling!

MadameCh0let Mon 07-Apr-08 10:31:49

I wonder if she will be demonised to the same extent as Maxine Carr now.

Greyriverside Mon 07-Apr-08 10:37:34

Any time someone says "oh I have had a terrible tragedy, this is where to send me money - we accept cash, paypal and all major credit cards" they stop getting any sympathy from me and I start looking for how they arranged it.

tiredemma Mon 07-Apr-08 10:41:35

I watched the documentary on Ch4 ( which was almost like watching a car crash in slow motion) and immediatly picked up on the obsession with the McCanns etc.

The Mccanns sent them a message of congratulations when Shannon was found and stated that it had enhanced their faith in finding their own daughter. For that alone I find the actions of the Matthews family abhorrent ( if all this specualtion is true of course.....)

Callisto Mon 07-Apr-08 10:45:58

It is too bizarre. It is almost beyond belief that a mother would exploit her own child in this way. I haven't really been following the case so these revalations are extraordinary. Poor Shannon.

Nemoandthefishes Mon 07-Apr-08 10:47:59

agree money making exercise is soo sad and the poor children in the family. Although having worked on such estates I can semi understand the desperation when all you do have open to you is to keep trying for money any way you can.
I missed the documentary on ch4 and was gutted as would have liked to have seen it both then and now!!

soapbox Mon 07-Apr-08 10:51:53

Poor child - imagine growing up knowing that your family faked your abduction for money!]

I think it is now perfectly clear why the press weren't touching this story with a barge pole - so much for all the 'press aren't interested in working class families whose kids go missing!'

CrackerOfNuts Mon 07-Apr-08 10:54:16

But Nemo why would they have been that desperate for money just because they live on a rough estate ?

At the end of the day they'd have been getting all they were entitled to i'm sure, and although it isn't alot, other people manage, without having to fake their daughters kidnapping, if that is indeed what they did.

LynetteScavo Mon 07-Apr-08 10:54:51

I thought there was something fishy going on when the mothers 999 call to the police was made public.

NatalieJane Mon 07-Apr-08 10:55:04

The main thing I picked up about the documentary was that on one hand they were saying they didn't get all the money press coverage that the Mccanns got, but then on the other hand they were swearing at the jounalists for being outside the house.

tiredemma Mon 07-Apr-08 10:57:26

How do you mean Lynette?

Nemoandthefishes Mon 07-Apr-08 10:57:37

cracker but where they getting all they were entitled to?
I have known of people to have no idea about CTC and WFTC they knew they could get child benefit but thats it.
I am not saying just because they were on a rough estate as some people on the same estates have more disposable income than we do despite DH working long hard hours.

CrackerOfNuts Mon 07-Apr-08 10:59:14

It is possible I suppose, but even so, you'd think they'd find out if they were missing out rather than fake a kidnapping.

The whole thing is just very weird.

sweetgrapes Mon 07-Apr-08 11:00:07

Dh is going to be unbearable now. He said that it's a money making spin and I pooh poohed and told him off for being so cynical...

Lots of ITYS (I told you so's) coming up. Lemme go bury my head in the sand....

nametaken Mon 07-Apr-08 11:03:37

But if it was a money making scam then what on earth was going to become of Shannon? Would she have been missing forever?

littlerach Mon 07-Apr-08 11:11:59

Has it actually been reported that it is linked to her abduction?

Dh remarked that it may have been linked to the step father's arrest, which I understand is non rleated?

Or have I missed soemthing?

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