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Can anyone help, i need to do this, as selfish as it sounds

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fairyfly Fri 31-Dec-04 03:59:27

I want to go to thai now. I believe in my heart i can do loads. I am great at not loosing it, sorting things out, problem solving, keeping calm, hugging kissing.I have sorted out child care and booked a flight. I need money to help me pay for that flight. Please please let me go out.

SuzyWongMerrilyOnHigh Fri 31-Dec-04 04:11:43

FF contact the British Red Cross and offer your services that way. You may need to have vaccinations and visas and all sorts of other stuff that doesn't initially spring to mind. Really that would be the best way for you to get to the people who need help.

Admire you so much for wanting to do this. I had a surge of having to be there last night when I saw the news. I was on a ferry that capsized in the South China sea so I know what it's like to be pulled from the churning water. But I am not skilled in resuce work so I don't know what I could do.

fairyfly Fri 31-Dec-04 04:21:32

I do want to do this and i can help, these are real people, i can act like one

misdee Fri 31-Dec-04 08:03:44

I think its great that u want to help. i wish i had enough cash to pay for a flight for you, but sadly i dont.

Try some of the organisations that are sending people over, i'm not sure who they are atm, but am sure we can find out.

FlashingRudolphNose Fri 31-Dec-04 08:22:29

FF do as Suzywong says and check with Red Cross or Oxfam - I'm sure they'll welcome you with open arms.

pinkmama Fri 31-Dec-04 08:26:32

FF, think its really great you want to go, however would do as others have said and go through an organisation. You need to look after yourself (jabs etc) and will probably be much more help joining something organised. Good luck!

connyflower Fri 31-Dec-04 08:29:08

i was just saying the same to my dp sure i could just help out just be there and do something! let me know if you have any luck with red cross ect!

FlashingRudolphNose Fri 31-Dec-04 08:29:12

Or what about contacting sarahu as she's there?

SuzyWongMerrilyOnHigh Fri 31-Dec-04 08:49:44

Yes that's a good one

mullgedwine Fri 31-Dec-04 10:10:09

There may be stuff you can do here in the UK to help out, think of all that stuff that is being collected and shipped over to Thailand/Sri Lanka etc. I;m sure the Red Cross would bite the hand off from any volunteer atm, which wouldn't be costly and mean needing childcare for weeks/months. Good on you.

SPARKLER1 Fri 31-Dec-04 10:32:48

You have a kind heart fairyfly. Good luck with your mission. Keep us posted. x

bakedpotatohoho Fri 31-Dec-04 11:18:59

think what your airfare could buy. this is from yesterday's Associated Press:

The British government and aid agencies in Italy, Australia and Japan stressed, that money was the most appropriate gift because it afforded the most flexibility to respond to changing needs on the ground.

``As far as we are concerned, the only concrete and useful help is funds,'' said Paola Ferrara of the Italian branch of the French aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres, or Doctors Without Borders.

fairyfly Fri 31-Dec-04 11:20:52

Well i am adamant i could have been of help as much as i sound off my head.British Red Cross dont send people overseas. If anyone anywhere can find me some work to do, here even,then could they? Phone centre, packaging, anything, thankyou.

coppertop Fri 31-Dec-04 11:22:34

I wish I was able to help you out, FF. Good luck with it all though. xx

Nutcracker Fri 31-Dec-04 11:29:27

Where abouts are you FF ???

pixiefish Fri 31-Dec-04 11:29:28

FF- what about contacting your local Oxfam/Red Cross shop and seeing if you can help in the shop or collect money for them on the street (with an official bucket thingy I mean) I really wish I could go on the High Street but with 11 month old dd it's impossible.

What about helping at the airport? (you're mcr aren't you) saw on the news the other day that there's stuff going on there- people landing back with nothing, just beach clothes. Just a few suggestions.

ionesmum Fri 31-Dec-04 11:42:25

Wow, ff, I think this is great. I hope you find something. God bless you.

tiredemma Fri 31-Dec-04 11:46:30

i can understand why you want to help ff, and i think its incredibly touching of you, however in a few days the area's will be rife with deadly diseases, you will be no good to anyone, least of all your own children if you become poorly.

i think pixiefishes idea of seeing if there is anything you can do at manchester airport is a good idea, theres lots you can be doing here that will have a great knock on effect to all affected in the disaster.
how lovely you arexx

fairyfly Fri 31-Dec-04 11:49:17

I wouldn't feel right collecting money, as important as it is. Airport tip sounds great, next port of call.

fairyfly Fri 31-Dec-04 11:59:32

Airport fine, just blagged my way through to the pr manager, nothing needed, all set up.

tiredemma Fri 31-Dec-04 12:05:30

sorry, no other suggestions ff, i know it must be frustrating to want to do something but unable to. have you contacted oxfam/red cross to see if they need any help locally?

fairyfly Fri 31-Dec-04 12:13:27

Contacted all, feel foolish

Tinker Fri 31-Dec-04 12:15:18

Don't feel foolish ff, it's very admirable to want to help so much. Don't they need help on their contact centres?

fairyfly Fri 31-Dec-04 12:18:18

No idea tinker, emailed the saly army, red cross just want money, even left a message on a charity volunteer board.

Tinker Fri 31-Dec-04 12:21:52

Hmm, will think on and post if have any bright ideas. Think it's probably best not to go out there though, apart from risk of disease, you'll just use up precious resources.

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