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UK govt increases donation to £50 million to SE Asia

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Twiglett Thu 30-Dec-04 19:06:43

"The UK government is now the largest bilateral donor after increasing its £15m donation to £50m."

Just seen this on BBC News

(that's on top of the £23 million already donated by the British People)

misdee Thu 30-Dec-04 19:07:01


Twiglett Thu 30-Dec-04 19:09:52

Sorry make that British Public have donated £25 million so far


" Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said the Queen would be donating a "substantial amount" to agencies of which she is patron. " ... wonder what that means

Gobbledigook Thu 30-Dec-04 19:12:18

Dunno, but it better be substantial too.

£25 million from the public is amazing!! Have we ever raised that much so quickly for anything else do you think?

I can't remember anything quite so horrific in my lifetime.

Potty1 Thu 30-Dec-04 19:12:58

The public's generosity has thankfully shamed the government into upping its donation.

winterwarmmummer Thu 30-Dec-04 19:13:25

I still can't believe that our Government needed to be shamed by it's people into giving more. But I'm glad they have.

winterwarmmummer Thu 30-Dec-04 19:13:37

Snap Potty1

Twiglett Thu 30-Dec-04 19:14:34

I find it amazing and humbling that the Mozambique government have also made a donation .. it is symbolic at hundred thousand dollars .. but they are the poorest nation in the world supposedly

suedonim Thu 30-Dec-04 21:15:18

Isn't it often the way that those who have the least are the most generous? Indonesia itself is also raising as much money and aid as it can. Also, when on that page, click on the link about the python for an amazing rescue story.

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