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KangaSantaMummy Sun 26-Dec-04 07:51:58




MALDIVES under water we loved them when we were there 3 years ago.


KangaSantaMummy Sun 26-Dec-04 07:57:54

story here

lots of people have died I didn't realise when I first posted that is so awful and sad.

The people on Maldives were so lovely

merrymarthamoo Sun 26-Dec-04 08:15:09

I just came to make this post. She was by the coast, I don't know where she is now. She was in Phuket for a while There is going to be an emergency hotline but it isn't set up yet. I am really worried and spacemonkey will be frantic. It is terrible - I feel sick with worry

KangaSantaMummy Sun 26-Dec-04 08:24:08

OMG merrymarthamoo

I knew she was in thailand but was hoping that she had gone inland

perhaps someone should phone spacemonkey

Please does anyone know where LOU is now?

merrymarthamoo Sun 26-Dec-04 08:27:19

SM is at her dp's for Christmas. I will text her later but, tbh, don't want to wake her if she is still asleep (her kids are with her ex so she will be having a lie in). She may not know yet - I only just saw it on the news. Don't want to wake her with such scary news.

Could I text lou's mobile? Would that work? The news said phone lines, electricity are out - she won't be able to get online at an internet cafe.

maomao Sun 26-Dec-04 08:32:51

Oh no!

KangaSantaMummy Sun 26-Dec-04 08:36:28

brill idea or even phone Lou

our phone worked in maldives via satellite....not sure how it worked though

if you hear anything please let us know

I understand what you mean about sm.

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Sun 26-Dec-04 08:47:27

she's in Ko Lanta, wherever that is until the 28th and then back to Phuket for the last 6 days, my geog isn't good, but that's not near the maldives is it. I'm sure she's fine. Still for all the others who've lost their lives though

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Sun 26-Dec-04 08:48:24

just read the article

merrymarthamoo Sun 26-Dec-04 08:49:32

It's all along the SE Asian coast - Thailand, Indonesia, as far as India. Where is Ko Lanta? Is it inland? I have texted lou.

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Sun 26-Dec-04 08:50:19

don't know martha, has the text been rcvd?

merrymarthamoo Sun 26-Dec-04 08:50:44

It's an island off the cost of southern Thailand.

merrymarthamoo Sun 26-Dec-04 08:51:12

It said "message sent" - so I don't know, I think so.

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Sun 26-Dec-04 08:52:32

it's on the coast, see

i'll text her too, it will say if its been rcvd hopefully.

KangaSantaMummy Sun 26-Dec-04 08:55:46


it looks like island

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Sun 26-Dec-04 08:58:41

This will sound awful but usually if it's tourists, they make a point of it in the news don't they rather than if it's the locals iykwim and they haven't mentioned tourists. I'm sure they're fine but it is a worry

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Sun 26-Dec-04 09:01:11

the weather report for ko lanta says it's calm there, winds 6mph. that is for today though

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Sun 26-Dec-04 09:12:04

ignore that last stupid comment, not thinking doh!

Hulababy Sun 26-Dec-04 09:46:48

There is a map here . Not sure where anywhere is right now. Anyone?

Hulababy Sun 26-Dec-04 09:49:32

Yahoo's story and here too . I just can't find anything about Ko Lanta

Stripymouse Sun 26-Dec-04 09:55:16

We have friends travelling all around this region after being married two weeks ago - don’t know where they are right now but just praying they are all safe and wel away from danger. Hope the same is true for Lou - please carry on posting and let us know any news when you get it - anyone.

maomao Sun 26-Dec-04 10:13:09

Latest info from the US Geological Survey here .

motherinfestivemood Sun 26-Dec-04 10:13:30

I've just emailed relatives - including both my parents - who are in India.

tigermoth Sun 26-Dec-04 10:19:32

MI, hope your parents reply asap

Hope Lou is OK - how awful.

motherinfestivemood Sun 26-Dec-04 10:21:23

My sis points out they're all inland/on other coasts atm, but it's not exactly reassuring, is it. DP's brother lives in Jakarta and has his main network in Malaysia.

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