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Liv Tyler's baby - ahhhhhhhhhh

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JanH Fri 24-Dec-04 11:11:35

Obviously the Sun has no idea that Milo is a proper name! And why does it always have to be a tot????? Lovely pictures though (except for the purple one).

WideWebWitch Fri 24-Dec-04 11:26:34

Ooh, I nearly went for Milo. But then had a girl! I wonder how big it was, dp saw her on tv the other day and said bet that's a big baby.

NoMoomAtTheInn Fri 24-Dec-04 12:13:17

Ah - doesn't she look happy? I like Liv Tyler a lot, think she comes across as very sweet. Her dh isn't bad either...

Think the Sun uses words like tot (and pal, and romp) because they're nice and easy for Sun sub-editors to spell...

Gobbledigoose Fri 24-Dec-04 12:14:58

Ha ha - named after a Tweenie!!! Durrr!

sallyhollyberry Fri 24-Dec-04 12:15:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cupcakes Fri 24-Dec-04 12:22:10

Really sweet pictures - she looks likes she's been crying. Either that or she's been up or night..!

Christmassbee Fri 24-Dec-04 12:22:48

Message withdrawn

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