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North London Stabbings......

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OnZephyrstdayofXmas Thu 23-Dec-04 22:32:49

1 man dead, 5 others fighting for their lives - Edmonton North London

ThomCatsAreNotJustForXmas Thu 23-Dec-04 22:33:47

Awful isn't it.

galaxy Thu 23-Dec-04 22:34:52

It was the the 1st thing ds said to me (after "Hi mummy, missed you") when I collected him from his grandparents today. Truly dreadful.

spacedonkey Thu 23-Dec-04 22:34:52

there was another one in wood green last night as well - shopkeeper stabbed to death by a couple of blokes who had nicked two bottles of whisky

OnZephyrstdayofXmas Thu 23-Dec-04 22:35:08

Bloody scary.... you just never know do you?

pixiefish Thu 23-Dec-04 22:36:26

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