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A grubby government? Ok they're not Snow White, but....

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ks Wed 22-Dec-04 16:17:28

Message withdrawn

JanH Wed 22-Dec-04 16:18:12

Cecil Parkinson or is that too far back?

spacedonkey Wed 22-Dec-04 16:18:26

that's exactly what i thought when i read that in the graun ks

it was one sleazy event after another with that lot

ks Wed 22-Dec-04 16:18:46

Message withdrawn

JanH Wed 22-Dec-04 16:19:08


WideWebWitch Wed 22-Dec-04 16:20:11

What about Aitken and his sword of truth? And Hamilton and cash for questions.

feastofstevenmom Wed 22-Dec-04 16:20:12

Steven (sp??) Norris

David Mellor

JanH Wed 22-Dec-04 16:20:30

David Mellor

ks Wed 22-Dec-04 16:20:40

Message withdrawn

pantomimEDAMe Wed 22-Dec-04 16:20:49

And the Tories didn't exactly venerate the political independence of the civil service either – press releases from Tory Central Office used to end up on the desks of civil service press officers who were instructed to take calls, and it was civil service POs who handled the case of that minister who grabbed a child off the street and took him/her inside the house for a telling-off – forget who it was but basically a personal/party matter, not one that taxpayers should have funded.

WideWebWitch Wed 22-Dec-04 16:21:19

Ugh at Mellor and De Sancha and the football strip!

ks Wed 22-Dec-04 16:22:51

Message withdrawn

spacedonkey Wed 22-Dec-04 16:23:09

GRIMACE @ memory of the toes

WideWebWitch Wed 22-Dec-04 16:25:06

This thread is making me cringe. And remember the orange and the asphyxiation? ewww! What about the moment of madness on Clapham Common, Ron whatisname, was he a Tory? can't remember.

ks Wed 22-Dec-04 16:26:38

Message withdrawn

spacedonkey Wed 22-Dec-04 16:27:13

oh god what was his name, a tory MP (stephen someone?) died in an act of auto erotic asphyxiation

WideWebWitch Wed 22-Dec-04 16:27:52

Wasn't it Stephen Norris? Found dead, dressed in stockings, having hanged himself (auto erotic asphyxiation apparently, not sure being dead was supposed to figure) with an orange in his mouth. Nice.

WideWebWitch Wed 22-Dec-04 16:28:53

Stephen Milligan, sorry!

spacedonkey Wed 22-Dec-04 16:29:02

Stephen Milligan

spacedonkey Wed 22-Dec-04 16:29:45

here he is

WideWebWitch Wed 22-Dec-04 16:30:24

More than 20 episodes of sleaze according to this

ks Wed 22-Dec-04 17:32:36

Message withdrawn

sis Wed 22-Dec-04 17:57:36

Did you see the clip they showed on Have I got news for You last week when Howard was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman a few days ago and Paxman asked him about his role in the sacking/regnation of the head of the prison service when Howard was Home Secretary? Howard's response was something nalong the lines of 'Oh Jeremy, you're not still on about that, are you' and Paxman said 'Well, you've had enough time to think of a reply!' And he accuses this government of being 'grubby'!

sis Wed 22-Dec-04 18:03:57

I think there were two MPs involved in the cash for questions saga but one resigned immediately unlike Hamilton and so he got very little bad press while everyone concentrated on Hamilton.

WWW, the moment of madness on Clapham Common was a Labour MP - can't remember his name either.

Howard also seems to forget about Major and Currie whilst Major was telling everyone else in the country to go back to 'family values'!

Joolstide Wed 22-Dec-04 18:15:50

Tories? oh yes definitely not perfect (let he who is without sin cast the first stone - and it won't be me!) - however they didn't take us ,ill-equipped, into an illegal WAR - I think that just about cancels out everything bad the Tories ever did and every mistake they may make for the next 50 years!

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