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Baby survives 2 hours on train track after premature birth (NICE news for a change)

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Peachy Fri 29-Feb-08 14:19:01

They buried this in the bottom corner of a page in The Times- but it was lovely and I thought worth celebrating! Shows those babies are tough stuff grin

India: A baby born prematurely fell through a train carriage lavatory onto the track and survived two hours before being rescued. The girls Mother was travelling with relatives in India when she went to the bathroom and unexpectedly gave birth. She fell unconscious and the baby fell. When relatives found the Mother they pulled the emergency brake. Guards launched a frantic search and the child was found. She is now recovering in hospital.


southeastastra Fri 29-Feb-08 14:22:00

omg! that's awful - glad they found it

TrinityRhino Fri 29-Feb-08 14:25:03

farking hell!!
thats amazing, so glad trhey found the baby and all is well

Lulumama Fri 29-Feb-08 14:25:42

good lord, that is a miracle !! wow ! amazing story

MommaFeelgood Fri 29-Feb-08 14:26:12

Message withdrawn

Tortington Fri 29-Feb-08 14:27:37


wow fantastic

Elphaba Fri 29-Feb-08 14:28:51


KnitterInTheNW Fri 29-Feb-08 14:31:28

I'm (almost) speechless!

dingdong05 Fri 29-Feb-08 14:41:52

We, quite rightly, treat babies as delicate little things, but this just goes to show that they can be tough as old boots sometimes too! Determined little thing, hey?

TLSM Fri 29-Feb-08 14:42:02

I do believe that some people are just meant to live!

suedonim Fri 29-Feb-08 16:17:21

I saw this on Sky News yesterday - she's a bonny wee thing despite her unconventional start in life. I wonder what she'll have on her birth certificate for place of birth! smile

PrincessHunker Fri 29-Feb-08 16:18:24


chipmonkey Fri 29-Feb-08 19:38:15

What a lovely story! Glad the lo is OK, how prem was she?

Peachy Fri 29-Feb-08 20:00:17

They didnt say chipmonkey bit she does look small in the picture

suedonim Fri 29-Feb-08 20:43:03

She didn't look teeny, maybe about 32/34 weeks?

WestCountryLass Fri 29-Feb-08 22:14:15

Something not right about that story. The baby fell and the mother was unconsious, who cut the umbilical cord then hmm

tissy Fri 29-Feb-08 22:18:14

Maybe it was torn away?

blueshoes Fri 29-Feb-08 22:18:25

you are right WCL. Maybe something not right in the reporting.

tissy Fri 29-Feb-08 22:20:26


LynetteScavo Fri 29-Feb-08 22:20:42

Maybe the placenta came out quickly?

WestCountryLass Fri 29-Feb-08 22:21:41

Maybe tissy.

Or maybe the placenta delivered and that went with the baby?

Just seems 'odd.

LynetteScavo Fri 29-Feb-08 22:23:22

What are you all thinking? hmm

WestCountryLass Fri 29-Feb-08 22:26:31

I'm not thinking anything other than it doesn't really add up to me really.

bookwormmum Fri 29-Feb-08 22:28:04

I heard this on the radio but for some reason I thought it was in the UK hmm.

Whatever happened, the baby survived. That's the main thing (but are they a girl?)

Just a thought.

bookwormmum Fri 29-Feb-08 22:28:29

Ah just seen that she was female blush

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