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asda or tesco - which ywoudl you have

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DualCycloneCod Mon 11-Feb-08 18:46:52

if oyu had to
there si a BIG hoo ha locall y in a town ehar here wheere asda is the fave - tesco only has 7 sigantures supporting

why is asda deemed more suitbale?

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Mon 11-Feb-08 18:48:09

Tesco (for the T-shirts you understand) wink

AllieBongo Mon 11-Feb-08 18:48:19

because tesco has fingers in all the pies. They are now second in line in my most hated store, Homebase is now number 1.

GrinningSoul Mon 11-Feb-08 18:50:10

yes tesco is a huge monopoly and asda is cheap and the clothes are v groovy.

hellobellosback Mon 11-Feb-08 18:50:24

They are both horrible. Asda (Asbo) quite often doesn't have things in stock like toothpaste or tomato puree. Tesco (Stressco) is hideous. I don't think it's much of a choice!

Cloudhopper Mon 11-Feb-08 18:51:56

would rather have tesco. at least they have some nice food there.

we used to have tesco and safeway, but now have asda and morrisons.

what's the opposite of 'up and coming area'?

kittywise Mon 11-Feb-08 18:52:58

Asda's fine
Tesco is expensive and the food is rubbish

aquababe Mon 11-Feb-08 18:53:21

ask for a sainsburys

DualCycloneCod Mon 11-Feb-08 18:53:32

asmesbury is an odd odd place though

its residents keep the criminla justci sytem flwoing

MAMAZON Mon 11-Feb-08 18:53:36

cos Tesco is seemed as a bit of a capitalist devil. a bit daft seeing as asda is now owned by WalMart and is surely bigger.

I currently have both an Asda and Tesco equal distance from my front door.
i go to Asda normally as i seem to spend more in Tesco. angry

ArmadilloDaMan Mon 11-Feb-08 18:54:50

Asda - customer service is miles better. They also have stock on shelves, which is something the tescos round here can't seem to manage. I prefer the food and the ranges of products they do.

on ethical grounds both are as bad as each other.

sherby Mon 11-Feb-08 18:55:55


Half my family live in Amesbury, I fear they may be who you are talking about

WiiMii Mon 11-Feb-08 18:56:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DualCycloneCod Mon 11-Feb-08 18:56:38

sherby lol

VictorianSqualor Mon 11-Feb-08 19:00:43

I hate the food from asda.
We only have a tesco in our town though, in fact there are about ten tesco stores, and that's it.

utahforever Mon 11-Feb-08 19:02:45


I'm in Amesbury and our part is perfect grin - BUT i know what you mean about some of the other parts wink

As for the ASDA/TESCO - ASDA for me 'cos of where it is. But the shopping availability around here is not great, and ANY supermarket would be great ! Gotta get past the (CO-OP) councillors first smile

DualCycloneCod Mon 11-Feb-08 19:04:50

oh ye ssiree, its an odd palce

lol at abs hatred of hoembase

posieflump Mon 11-Feb-08 19:07:07

it must depend where you live

our asda always has toothpaste and tomato puree on shelves hellobellosback

sherby Mon 11-Feb-08 19:08:15

They have very good fish and chips

Amesbury, not tesco/asda

DualCycloneCod Mon 11-Feb-08 19:10:19

its got to have somethign going for it
antorbus house is nice

purpleflower Mon 11-Feb-08 19:11:09

I bought 2 chickens and some mince in Asda and 2 days before their best before it all stunk. I've never had that problem at tesco.

Hulababy Mon 11-Feb-08 19:12:06

I really don't like Tesco. No idea why, just when I have been I haven't liked it.

I go to a big Asda every so often when passing. It always suprises me at how cheap it can be when compared to Sainsburys and Waitrose. And their range of organic and fair trade stuff is also really good now I found.

And some of teh children's George clothes can be lovely and hard wearing too.

CountessDracula Mon 11-Feb-08 19:12:16


I can't bear Tesco

Hulababy Mon 11-Feb-08 19:12:36

Have to say though - Asda's meat isn't reat IME.

CountessDracula Mon 11-Feb-08 19:13:20

I only buy their organic meat and it seems ok ish

They do have aisles of horrific looking stuff though

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