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Bus driver chucks chained goth couple off his bus

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UnquietDad Tue 22-Jan-08 22:47:18

article here

What do we make of this?

I imagine they were paying fares like anyone else, and the bus-driver doesn't have "fashion police" on his job description.

I mean, I think they look pretty daft, but then they might think I looked daft as well. (There's probably some truth in the comment on the DM page about looking back on it in 10 years and finding it embarrassing.)


Dani Graves. Chortle.

(Do they take the chain off at night, I wonder? Or when one of them needs a shit?)

littlemansmummy Sun 27-Jan-08 11:34:24

DaDaDa has a very good point and has asked a question that we have been ruminating for some time. I was a Goth in the 80s, but was brought up on an unhealthy mix of Jim Reeves and Neil Diamond. However, my wonderful French teacher at sixth form, who was a huge fan of The Doors and The Stooges, had three sons, all of whom became ubergeeks and went off to study physics (not that this is a bad thing, but they were true, Open Uni in the 70s-type geeks). I don't want my son to sit in his souped up 205 and listen to Hardcore. What to do? Or is this a separate thread?

Fubsy Sat 26-Jan-08 21:56:16

So as long as theyre wearing "normal" clothes that would be ok?

If you'd listened to them on JV, they were both at college, and he is working with ?SN children as well i believe.

veraduckworthshandbag Sat 26-Jan-08 09:38:04

I think before they consider bringing a new life in to the world they might like to step out of the pub, get of their stupidly dressed backsides and look for work, They have NO reason to be living on state handout (other then they choose to and are bloody lazy)
I do not want to pay my taxes to raise their child while they sit in the pub in fancy dress.

DaDaDa Fri 25-Jan-08 16:38:55

I want my lad to be an indie/emo kid. Does that mean I have to start forcefeeding him hip hop and R'n'B so he's got something to rebel against? smile

donnie Fri 25-Jan-08 16:28:48

ooh Fubsy I am jealous!!

I guess I would rather my dds grow into Gothdom that chavdom. I'd rather they wanted to look like Patricia Morrison than Kerry Katona or Jordan. But I would still not be happy about the dog lead.
Maybe that girl should just go the whole hog and be carried around in a portable dog basket. At least she could have a rest.

Fubsy Fri 25-Jan-08 16:24:00

Look, the chavs will be going out at night in gold lame bikinis and hot pants. She'll be a tad warmer!

Cappuccino Fri 25-Jan-08 16:06:06

she looks a bit cold

he's got a big coat on

they do live in Dewsbury after all... it can get bitter

Fubsy Fri 25-Jan-08 16:02:53

Apart from the tendency towards dope and speed, I agree that Goths should be most parents dream.

Jezza said he knew a policeman who said that the best thing for parents of teenagers is to get them into Indie music.

Have to agree, back in the day (mid 80s) i used to go to a night club in Hartlepool. If you went on a Thursday, "Alternative Night" there was never any trouble. Go on a Friday, and you were likely to have your head pushed through the door - which I witnessed. Only difference was we called them Casuals in those days, they seem to have grown up and given birth to the Chavs!

By the way, Donnie, I gave Patricia Morrison a massage once.....

southeastastra Fri 25-Jan-08 12:42:09

they're dull

UnquietDad Fri 25-Jan-08 12:41:57

Bless, they sound quite nice.

UnquietDad Fri 25-Jan-08 12:34:32

They're on Jezza Vine on R2 right now!

CaptainCod Wed 23-Jan-08 23:24:58

lol at you lto tkaign it seriosuly

madamez Wed 23-Jan-08 23:23:57

Oh not the fecking GOreans again. Even the rest of the fetish scene laughs at them. Mind you, it did occur to me at some point during the day that this couple's comments about their lifestyle may not have been random ranting but a couple of youngish silly people getting fed up with a piss-taking reporter and then getting quoted out of context... (the smart option if you're out in unusual clothing and have to deal with some jobsworth or other is 'We're going to a fancy dress party': they can't disprove it and can't really ban you from public places/services either.)

Jazzicatz Wed 23-Jan-08 21:38:10

This is actually more to do with the Masters of Gor I have been reliably informed by a friend of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ravenAK Wed 23-Jan-08 21:15:49

I have a passing acquaintance with both Wayne Hussey & various members of Fields of the Nephilim, & oddly enough none of them look much like that chap these days...grin

Not sure it's in the bus driver's remit to operate a dress code, but agree with others who've pointed out that goths today just don't seem to know how to make an effort...<tuts>

HairyToe Wed 23-Jan-08 21:09:16

When they do start a family will the child be a dog as well? Or will it be mum's owner and have to hold her lead ouside the co-op while dad goes in to do the shopping?

bookwormmum Wed 23-Jan-08 20:59:01

I thought it was a good come-back by the bus garage to claim Health & Safety stopped prevented people on leads being on buses. Wonder how long it too them to work that one out? hmm. I can't see that being part of the bus regulations somehow.

Being a pedant, I will just mention (if no one else has grin) that the bus driver was certainly wrong in one respect. If she's a pet she cannot be a dog.... they are male. She might find being called a bitch more offensive though.

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 20:00:37

I mean, goths who aren't 'exploring' gender roles in a reeeelly subversive manner.

onebatmother Wed 23-Jan-08 19:59:34

surely having a teen goth is most middle class parent's dream?

EffiePerine Wed 23-Jan-08 19:27:54

Have you notices that all adult goths are astonishingly conformist and generally middle class, with added skull rings?

(not that that;s a bad thing, just puzzles me rather)

£20 she'll be shopping in Waitrose by the time she's 30

Swedes Wed 23-Jan-08 18:58:17

A friend's daughter was a goth. Then she met a rich plumber on a night out and now she's a chav, apparently.

janeite Wed 23-Jan-08 18:53:23

Lol at Fields Of The Napalm!!! I used to love The Mission but why would anybody want to look like Wayne Hussy?!! jack Daniels and cigarette lighters out now folks!

Seriously, if she was my daughter I'd be really worried about what kind of statement she thinks she is making with this.

But why it's anything to do with a bus driver, I have no idea. Maybe they ask on their interviews now if they have ever had aspirations to join the Fashion Gestapo and only hire them if they can spot vintage Westwood/McClaren at 30 paces?

Hecate Wed 23-Jan-08 18:46:09

What's with that article? hmm I don't see why the fact that they live on benefits in a council house and plan to start a family is relevant (that's a whole other argument and one that I would run away from, screaming for my mother grin )

They are very very young, remember. In a few years he'll be an estate agent and she'll be an office manager, they'll have 2.4 kids, a dog, a volvo and a mortgage and they'll both be cringing at photos of themselves and the things they said. (I speak from experience. blush <cringe cringe> )

I do love young 'uns. They speak of being 'Individuals' and berate you for expecting them to 'Conform', they tell you how unique they are and how they don't feel they should have to be like everyone else........and yet they all look the same, act the same and say the same things.

And they all think they are the first ones to do these things, say these things or join the Socialist Workers Party. grin

fullmoonfiend Wed 23-Jan-08 18:33:20

My first though was ''That Agnes Nitt what calls herself Perditax''

My 2nd thought is 'now's there's a budding business opportunity.... a business offering tiny studded collars and chains for the offspring of such a couple...

agreee, she needs to make way more effort in her wardrobe to be a proper goth grin

Kimi Wed 23-Jan-08 18:28:53

Lord if every "weirdo" was chucked off of public transport buses and trains would be empty grin.

Last time I looked it was not a crime to look silly!!

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