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Bus driver chucks chained goth couple off his bus

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UnquietDad Tue 22-Jan-08 22:47:18

article here

What do we make of this?

I imagine they were paying fares like anyone else, and the bus-driver doesn't have "fashion police" on his job description.

I mean, I think they look pretty daft, but then they might think I looked daft as well. (There's probably some truth in the comment on the DM page about looking back on it in 10 years and finding it embarrassing.)


Dani Graves. Chortle.

(Do they take the chain off at night, I wonder? Or when one of them needs a shit?)

serenity Tue 22-Jan-08 23:20:44


Disenchanted Tue 22-Jan-08 23:21:08

Lol, Im not het up, i did sound like it though!

donnie Tue 22-Jan-08 23:26:21

if she lives like a pet does she wee up against a tree? or munch on a bowl of pedigree chum?

serenity Tue 22-Jan-08 23:26:21

Patricia Morrison, donnie? She married Dave Vanian so I am obliged to hate her forever grin

donnie Tue 22-Jan-08 23:27:43

Oh yes Dave Vanian.....what a beauty, sigh!

yurt1 Tue 22-Jan-08 23:31:42

Hmmm no cooking or cleaning......

yurt1 Tue 22-Jan-08 23:32:20

I laughed at the Mail's council house on benefits wanting to start a family shock as well.

bookwormmum Tue 22-Jan-08 23:34:34

She'll probably cringe in 10 years time grin.

Don't dogs have to be carried on public transport? Perhaps he couldn't pick her up.

donnie Tue 22-Jan-08 23:35:20

does she sleep in a kennel?

dgeorgea Wed 23-Jan-08 08:35:31

I totaly agree with you disenchanted.

pukkapatch, where did it say that they were performing sexual acts on the bus, did I miss the best bit of the story? When you come down to it its no different to holding hands or wearing a wedding ring.

MMIW, my daughter (14) has gone out looking much worse then this, and yes I am very proud of her.

I just love the way the dm manipulates stories to suit their own agenda. I wonder if this is going to be a new thing with them? Dragging up things from victims lives to demonstrate how they deserve to be a victim.

UnquietDad Wed 23-Jan-08 09:52:42

Isn't gear like that quite expensive to buy?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fryalot Wed 23-Jan-08 10:00:55

ok, here's my tuppenceworth:

if the bus driver chucked them off because he didn't like the way they were dressed, then he is an arse who deserves sacking.

however, if the bus driver disagreed with the poor girl being dragged along on a fecking dog chain by her boyfriend, and decided to make his own little protest by not allowing that to happen on his bus, then good on him.

And... how would you lot all feel if that was your daughter being treated like that? Has nobody ever taught her that she is a person?

Oliveoil Wed 23-Jan-08 10:01:04

I would rather goths (or whatever they are called) than tracksuit wearing yobs with their hands down their trousers

bit hmm on the dog chain bit

Callisto Wed 23-Jan-08 10:01:07

Ha, I've suddenly realised who Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd reminds me of - Dave Vanian. How would one chose between them...?

FluffyMummy123 Wed 23-Jan-08 10:02:32

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Wed 23-Jan-08 10:03:37

Message withdrawn

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FluffyMummy123 Wed 23-Jan-08 10:05:48

Message withdrawn

Megglevache Wed 23-Jan-08 10:06:45

Message withdrawn

Oliveoil Wed 23-Jan-08 10:06:54

I am ashamed of pictures of my wet look perm circa 1983, ffs what will she think when she looks back?

Megglevache Wed 23-Jan-08 10:07:35

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Wed 23-Jan-08 10:07:55

Message withdrawn

Callisto Wed 23-Jan-08 10:08:20

You lot are so middle aged sometimes - she probably has great sex all the time and that's all she cares about right now. I would imagine she is allowed off the lead at home too.

allgonebellyup Wed 23-Jan-08 10:09:06

i think she looks lovely, minus the lead.

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