Woman to have baby taken away at birth...

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SharpMolarBear Thu 18-Oct-07 17:03:41

because she is likely to suffer from Munschausen's syndrome by proxy

SpawnChorus Thu 18-Oct-07 17:05:41

I thought the diagnosis of MbP had been discredited!

geekgirl Thu 18-Oct-07 17:06:28


SharpMolarBear Thu 18-Oct-07 17:06:39

cant find it on BBC news but she has just lost her appeal

Santasmissyontheside Thu 18-Oct-07 17:06:49

Thats so sad. Did she have other children?

SenoraPostrophe Thu 18-Oct-07 17:07:22

I don't think the syndrome as such has been discredited, just the over-diagnosis of it. It does seem a bit harsh to take a baby away at birth though

totallyfreaky Thu 18-Oct-07 17:07:39

is likely too?!! does than mean there is no dx, just a suspicion, or does she have a dx of Munschausen? Is Munschausens by proxy syndrome inevitable for patiens with Munschausens.

totallyfreaky Thu 18-Oct-07 17:08:10

gosh, sorry, that was a mouthful.

Elizabetth Thu 18-Oct-07 17:09:29

It has been discredited. Child abuse is real, Muchausens Syndrome by Proxy is an imaginary syndrome created by a misogynist doctor with no training in psychology or psychiatry.

There's lots of info about it here -


WideWebWitch Thu 18-Oct-07 17:10:23

Oh no, was it the woman who posted on here? I do hope not.

SharpMolarBear Thu 18-Oct-07 17:10:39

why is it not on bbc? would be in tyne section as she is in hexham

littleducks Thu 18-Oct-07 17:11:06

is this the lady who posted on here after a long in the news thread and had a website?

SharpMolarBear Thu 18-Oct-07 17:11:34

she posted on here? oh no, should i get this deleted?

SenoraPostrophe Thu 18-Oct-07 17:22:21

actually a "syndrome" is a collection of symptoms, not an illness, so it doesn't really matter if the doctor who invented it had any training in psychology.

WideWebWitch Thu 18-Oct-07 17:23:56

No don't get it deleted, she posted and told us what she could, was she called Fran someone?

Why tf has she lost if it is her, she sounded ENTIRELY reasonable.

Santasmissyontheside Thu 18-Oct-07 17:26:40

What did she say? I missed it. Who gives them the right to take her baby? Has she had children before?

Elizabetth Thu 18-Oct-07 17:26:51

It was claimed to be a pyschiatric syndrome, he diagnosed it from the most bizarre "symptoms" ever, including so-called "symptoms" in a child that led to the diagnosis of an adult, I think being a nurse or in the medical profession was another.

I think this must be the woman:


SharpMolarBear Thu 18-Oct-07 17:27:22

she is "likely to harm her baby" iirc
Guilty until proven innocent

WideWebWitch Thu 18-Oct-07 17:28:11

Oh bollocks, it is her, Fran Lyon. Poor bloody woman can't someone stop social services? There was an MP who was taking an interest wasn't there?

SharpMolarBear Thu 18-Oct-07 17:28:12

thanks Elizabethh
the story

WideWebWitch Thu 18-Oct-07 17:29:17

here's todays story

WideWebWitch Thu 18-Oct-07 17:31:26

This is SO wrong.
She was raped
She had previous psychiatric illness
Her doctor has confirmed she is not a risk to her unborn baby
but some doctor who HAS NEVER MET HER has told fking stupid social services that the baby should be taken away

it's fking mad and misogynistic and wrong.

SharpMolarBear Thu 18-Oct-07 17:32:17

aargh hasn't she suffered enough
well that's going to stop people seeking help for mental health problems
ok there are 2 sides to every story, I'd be very interested to hear the other side

littleducks Thu 18-Oct-07 17:32:29

THE PREVIOUS THREAD IS here poor, poor woman

FioFio Thu 18-Oct-07 17:32:50

Message withdrawn

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