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Daisy Goodwin: Mumsnetters are "the self-righteous childcare fundamentalists of the internet."

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morningpaper Sun 07-Oct-07 20:14:20

You'll like this one.

Daisy Goodwin writes in the Times :

"As one Mumsnet post puts it: “Watching Claire Verity abuse other people’s babies in the name of ‘routine’ makes my blood boil. She should be prosecuted under child protection laws, it’s disgusting.” As responsible programme-makers we observed due diligence on this for Bringing Up Baby and there is absolutely no scientific evidence that following a routine in infancy has any deleterious effect on the psychological health of the child... But this is heresy to the self-right-eous childcare fundamentalists of the internet who loathe Verity so much that she has been spat at in the street and received death threats."

Lulumama Sun 07-Oct-07 20:15:41

<<weary sigh>> no-one is disputing a routine can be a good thing, if it suits , but the wilful dismissal of a tiny baby;s needs, instincts and desires is PLAINLY WRONG!

am proud to be a self righteous fundamentalist in that case


Marina Sun 07-Oct-07 20:16:28

raahhh, hear us roar

Tamum Sun 07-Oct-07 20:16:40

Two threads discussing this already, but admittedly your title is better

2Happy Sun 07-Oct-07 20:17:19

If spitting at Claire Verity on the street would make me a self-righteous childcare fundamentalist, then a self-righteous childcare fundamentalist I am! <<spits at Daisy Goodwin for good measure too>>

Sheherazadethegoat Sun 07-Oct-07 20:17:38

defending the indefensible. fgs anyone who goes on tv advocating not picking up babies and staring at teh screen saying things like 'i'm a bitch' is not going become a national treasure.

MorticiasMother Sun 07-Oct-07 20:18:05

Can't be arsed watching baby programmes. When mine are in bed I like to switch off, not watch an hour of other peoples babies being whinging little gits.

Never heard of Claire Verity either. I shall count myself lucky on that score, I take it she's the new Gina Ford then?

RubyShivers Sun 07-Oct-07 20:18:32

i think this is the sound and fury of someone trying to frantically back pedal

would much rather be a "self righteous child care fundamentalist" in that case

MyTwopenceworth Sun 07-Oct-07 20:19:17

A routine may not harm your child.

Bloody ignoring it will!!!!

Stupid bint.

TBH, why have a child if it's existance in your life is such a pain that you want to let it cry for hours until it learns not to disturb you any more.

Remember that NSPCC advert - Miles has learned no-one will come if he cries or not?

morningpaper Sun 07-Oct-07 20:19:19

Tee hee sorry didn't spot the other thread

Have just come online and had to catch up with Claire Verity press first grin

Snaf Sun 07-Oct-07 20:20:32

Marvellous how she completely avoids the point, isn't it?

This is not about 'routine', Daisy m'dear. This is about inflicting dangerous and outdated practice on newborn babies in the name of entertainment.

But you know that really, don't you?

moodlumtheWOOOHOOHOOhoodlum Sun 07-Oct-07 20:22:08

In saying that, Daisy Goodwin has unleashed the power and wrath that is Mumsnet, and anyone in their right mind, would realise that is a foolish and crazy thing to do..

Tinker Sun 07-Oct-07 20:22:25

Not read the articles yet but, oh, she does sound a tad defensive and worried doesn't she?

Snaf Sun 07-Oct-07 20:23:08

And I'm not going to buy any more of her crappy poetry anthologies either so - ner.

<<pokes tongue out as far too polite to spit>>

Marina Sun 07-Oct-07 20:23:15

Actually I'm not sure Daisy does, snaf. She has expressed surprise that how babies' routines are managed is interesting to other mothers. Which does rather make you wonder what planet she hails from hmm

morningpaper Sun 07-Oct-07 20:23:32

MorticiasMother: Claire Verity is like Gina Ford on cocaine

morningpaper Sun 07-Oct-07 20:24:11

Yes Snaf, spitting is terribly common

I cannot believe a Mumsnetter would spit on Claire Verity

Perhaps it was Jerry Hall?

Marina Sun 07-Oct-07 20:24:43

I prefer to buy poetry anthologies compiled by people like Seamus Heaney - whose literary credentials I respect, snaf wink

moodlumtheWOOOHOOHOOhoodlum Sun 07-Oct-07 20:24:52

Worried - she should be terrified. Not writing about her "perfect weekend" in yesterday's Telegraph. If I were her my perfect weekend would be in hiding in a safe house.

Marina Sun 07-Oct-07 20:26:30

Moodlum, she can build herself a bomb shelter from some of that £200-worth of locally farmed kohlrabi that she discreetly bought from that nice surprised little cashier, maybe

Tinker Sun 07-Oct-07 20:26:43

"Happy children generally have happy parents and vice versa..." But the CV parents weren't happy hmm

Sheherazadethegoat Sun 07-Oct-07 20:27:34

i suspect dg wants to be compared to nigella lawson, all that long haired pouting and pointing of the bosom.

i quite like her on the screen but most of the stuff she produces does verge on the ridiculous

Snaf Sun 07-Oct-07 20:27:45

LOL Marina - unfortunately I've never been able to stomach Heaney. But I did always think Daisy quite a Good Egg - shame she's revealed her true colours as a grubby, pointless media *** just like the rest of 'em...

moodlumtheWOOOHOOHOOhoodlum Sun 07-Oct-07 20:28:30

Indeed she can Marina, how right you are. I wonder, if when us mumsnetters daub ourselves in Woad and start rampaging across Dorset to find her, if that lovely cashier will give her safe shelter.

I think not.

suwoo Sun 07-Oct-07 20:29:00

Oh this makes me so angry, I have never admitted it on here but I am a Gina Ford advocate *to the extent* of following the nap time advice, but not the other nonsense. With DS I have trusted my own instincts more and have found myself using a sling and we now co-sleep (so just about the biggest turnaround ever) What people like Daisy Goodwin et al just don't get on this issue, is its not the 'routine' us 'fundamentalists' are objecting to, its the lack of compassion and observation of current guidlines, and the plain fact she seems to loathe babies and treats them with almost indifference and encourages their parents to do the same. Why have a baby, and treat him or her like that, it makes my blood boil.

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