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Fuel Prices - More government tax

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nannynick Mon 01-Oct-07 07:15:50

Tax rise fuels petrol price fears

With oil prices being what they are, is it right for government to add yet more to the price of fuel?

Yesterday diesel cost me 99.9p per litre. I wonder what it is now - 101.9p I expect.

Will it stop me from driving... no. There is not enough public transport in my area to make it possible for me to get to/from work by public transport.

Bouncingturtle Mon 01-Oct-07 07:31:55

My husband has reminded me that we haven't had a rise in fuel duty in 3 years. I reminded him that I unlike him the company car driver I have to pay for my fuel, so please feck off.grin
It is annoying because the price was just starting to come down and now it will be going up again. Th knock on affect through industry will be quite big too so will have detrimental affect on the consumer. In other words the likes of me and thee will be paying for it twice - once in a vehicles and once through consumables.
And I am not convinced the extra revenue will spent on improving public transport.
There isn't any public transport to where I work so I'll just have to live with the extra cost and be glad I bought myself a small and economical little car!
(DH has just read and said "oi - I pay for your fuel too!!")

Bouncingturtle Mon 01-Oct-07 07:33:39

That reminds me, if you haven't already and have Asda filling stations near you get yourself an Asda Mastercard - you get 2p a litre off fuel.
I have one, and it has saved me quite a bit of money. However you need to be prepared to pay off in full every month (I do as I only use it for my fuel) as the interest rate is quite steep.

bonkerz Mon 01-Oct-07 07:52:22

also shop at tesco and fill up there 5p off fuel if spend over £50 instore!

Upwind Mon 01-Oct-07 08:15:37

It is not right to raise fuel taxes further unless they are willing to invest the extra revenue in public transport and also to reform it - making the privatised train and bus companies somehow act in their customers' interest rather than maximising profit (as is their corporate obligation!).

Callisto Mon 01-Oct-07 08:43:20

I am in favour of higher fuel prices from a green point of view, but I agree that the money raised should be put into improving public transport.

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