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Serious wrongdoing by the teacher, or overreacting parents?

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emkana Thu 13-Sep-07 19:35:59

story in local paper

Personally I think that the parents are losing the plot a bit.

Twiglett Thu 13-Sep-07 19:38:08

I think nekkid shots are alright of your own children, but not of children in your care as a professional ..

RosaLuxembourg Thu 13-Sep-07 19:39:46

If you read the comments it seems there was less to the story than meets the eye. Parents overreacting and newspaper sensationalising the story by the look of it.

TheArmadillo Thu 13-Sep-07 19:50:42

Any professional who did this has got to be a bit dim if they didn't realise there would be a fuss kicked up about it.

In the current climate, it is a particularly stupid thing to do.

kindersurprise Thu 13-Sep-07 19:54:58

Ok, but tbh, wasn't it a bit naive of the teacher to take nude photos of the children. My Mum was a scout leader and they stopped taking the children to the swimming because of the problems involved. (Helping the children dry themselves could possibly be misunderstood). I feel this is very sad but the group decided that if one of the leaders were to be falsely accused then it would be worse.

Anyone who is working with children should be aware of the pitfalls. Taking the pictures was one thing, but laminating them to put them on the wall? I would not be happy about that.

Upwind Thu 13-Sep-07 20:00:38

Can't believe that even a local newspaper would publish such nonsense

harpsichordcarrier Thu 13-Sep-07 20:02:14

massive over-reaction imo.
It makes me nauseous to read the words "full frontal nude" about a four year old child. full frontal like it was some sort of porn shot.

Upwind Thu 13-Sep-07 20:02:16

From the article:

Chris Stott, headteacher at Beech Green Primary School, said the picture was taken on a day trip.

"The parents were there and the staff member was taking pictures of events during the day," he said.

"The parents knew the picture was being taken and even laughed about it.

"However once the picture was processed we immediately realised we couldn't do anything with it and returned the picture to the parents.

"We recognise the situation should not have taken place but Ofsted are happy with the action we have taken and so are the local authority.

"We recognise a mistake was made and have apologised to the parents.

Upwind Thu 13-Sep-07 20:03:28

And a comment on the website which seems plausible:

"I have just been to collect my boy from beech grenn nursery and they had a reponse to the newspapers action. It seems it was a mistake, there were 2 children in the background getting undressed and it wasn't in the changing rooms it was by the poolside it was only when the picture had been printed and laminated that the school realised and passed the pic to the parents. During the time the pics were taken the parent who has taken action was laughing at the time but still kept her child in the nursery. I'm not being funny but if you really thought the pic was taken on purpose you wouldn't leave your child there. It'a all been blown out of proportion like usual
anon, Glouc"

VengefulSquirrel Thu 13-Sep-07 20:03:29

Speaking as a teacher, I would say that this staff member was incredibly stupid and misguided. Perhaps they are an innocent soul who thought that this would be OK? But in the current climate, any teacher should know that this is out of the question.

Do I think there was malice intended? Probably not - it was going on a classroom wall and I am sure that the staff member would not have suggested this had any darker motives been present.

The parents should accept the headteacher's apology - they might like to ask for staff training to include specific guidance on this issue, and request all copies of the photo be handed to them or destroyed.

Upwind Thu 13-Sep-07 20:07:00

I find it utterly ridiculous that

"Upon receipt of the complaint from the parents the county council initiated a child protection investigation.

"A multi-agency strategy meeting was held on July 19 and attendees included social care, the police, and representatives from the nursery and school.

"It was agreed the member of staff concerned would receive further child protection training, the school's child protection procedures would be tightened and the school's policy on photographs would be amended."

All because a naked toddler was caught in the background to a photograph which was returned to the parents?

TheArmadillo Thu 13-Sep-07 20:08:19

any teacher or adult working with children who didn't realise that taking pictures of children changing/naked children was likely to kick up a fuss is naive to say the least.

Seriously - whatever you think about taking naked pictures of children, surely you can see that this was bound to lead to trouble.

TheArmadillo Thu 13-Sep-07 20:10:19

ok possted before I saw the other stuff.

WHoever it was should have been more careful. This is something that is quite likely to have caused a huge kicking off. A professional working with children should know that.

kindersurprise Thu 13-Sep-07 20:25:49

Oops, sorry missed the fact that the parents knew the picture was being taken and laughed about it. Then they are being unreasonable to take it further.

kindersurprise Thu 13-Sep-07 20:27:37

The teacher could have perhaps avoided the whole thing by deleting/destroying the photo when she realised that there were naked children in the background.

What a waste of time and resources.

Upwind Thu 13-Sep-07 20:36:02

Could the parents be "entitled" to compensation?


Eliza2 Fri 14-Sep-07 07:49:43

"A multi-agency strategy meeting was held on July 19 and attendees included social care, the police, and representatives from the nursery and school."

What a waste of taxpayers' money.

Chickhick Fri 14-Sep-07 07:51:55

At best it was naive of the teacher. What a stupid person.

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