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France - 0 Scotland - 1

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EricL Thu 13-Sep-07 14:48:58

Woo hoo!

Superb game. What a crazy atmosphere in the pub - never seen anything like it.

Feeling extremely rough today and the kids were late for school (blush) but am very happy.

Anyone else see it?

Fimbo Thu 13-Sep-07 14:53:23

My dh was flicking back and forward all the time the England game was on to see the current position on teletext.

He was fair chuffed they won.

(We are both Scottish but live in England!)

Yay Scotland go! grin

giggly Fri 14-Sep-07 00:12:01

Fail to understand why the whole England game shown on Scottish tv, while the Scottish fans only get highlights this really piss's me off, no doubt all to do with money and advertising.Do the English regions get the Scottish highlights?

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