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Earthquake in Indonesia

(12 Posts)
saggarmakersbottomknocker Wed 12-Sep-07 13:52:55

BBC Report. There's a Tsunami alert.

oliveoil Wed 12-Sep-07 13:55:56

oh no [shhock]

oliveoil Wed 12-Sep-07 14:16:40

isn't anyone else arsed?

littlelapin Wed 12-Sep-07 14:20:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Peachy Wed 12-Sep-07 14:22:36

Praying no tsunami XX

daisyandbabybootoo Wed 12-Sep-07 14:24:05

Lets hope it isn't as devastating as last time.

I think no-one is arsed cos they've all ticked the "No in the news" box in active convos hmm

pagwatch Wed 12-Sep-07 14:25:04

Fingers crossed ( pretty inadequate but what else can you say)
Hope they escape what happened last time.

WaynettaVonSlob Wed 12-Sep-07 14:26:06

I was working in Jakarta about 10 years ago and we had a 6 pointer then - certainly not as big as these, but I don't think it made any news outside SE Asia....

oliveoil Wed 12-Sep-07 14:26:08

oooh is there a no news button?

oliveoil Wed 12-Sep-07 14:27:04

oh yes, I see it at the top

I will make a note of that for future ref <<<makes note for next ghoulish headline title>>

littlelapin Wed 12-Sep-07 14:29:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

saggarmakersbottomknocker Wed 12-Sep-07 16:51:14

Me too LL.

Will just have to put up with the tabloid stuff I suppose.

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