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*******breaking news story here*******

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ElesJoinsTheRevolution Wed 12-Sep-07 09:30:38

i left a light on last night. i have phoned sky sources to confess.

remember, you saw it here first!

fryalot Wed 12-Sep-07 09:32:12

well, I think you're awful for posting such a story. Some of us don't wish to have these things forced upon us, you know!


ElesJoinsTheRevolution Wed 12-Sep-07 09:35:56


AbRoller Wed 12-Sep-07 09:38:14

Registering my grin

purplemonkeydishwasher Wed 12-Sep-07 09:39:23

it better have been an energy saver bulb. I mean, really, imagine your carbon footprint now!! shock

Threadworm Wed 12-Sep-07 09:43:04

The lightbulb has been sentto a rensic laboratory for investigation of its energy-sving status. Sources close to ElesJoinsThe Revolution say 'We cannot imagine her destroying the environment in this way. There is plainly some sort of conspiracy against her.'

UnquietDad Wed 12-Sep-07 09:48:14

Registerin' dis waste!

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