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ComeOVeneer Tue 11-Sep-07 21:59:11

Sorry have to shout because

(a) this is all doing my head in
(b) I am deaf in my right ear because some bugger of an insect got in there and bit/stung me and my ear canal is swollen shut and seriously painful.

TolpuddlapinMartyr Tue 11-Sep-07 21:59:41

OWWWW! Poor you!

CosImThePeoplesFrontofJudea Tue 11-Sep-07 22:00:04

(b) oh, sounds nasty - sorry

sorry, can't help with (a) - too busy posting!

Bouncingturtle Tue 11-Sep-07 22:00:22

Oh poor you!! That's rotten sad. Hope your ear's better soon!!

MarinaLaPasionaria Tue 11-Sep-07 22:01:19

Oh that's horrid ComeOVeneer

IGB Tue 11-Sep-07 22:02:04


Can you take an antihistamine to help bring the swelling down?

ComeOVeneer Tue 11-Sep-07 22:03:36

And if you want to feel really squeamish it really feels like something is still in there (prob paranoid, like an itchy had when someone mentions nits) grin

ComeOVeneer Tue 11-Sep-07 22:06:00

I luckily caught the doctor before she left and she checked it out and prescribed some eardrops with a steriod/antibiotic and ntihistamine plus I have painkillers, chocolate, and now red wine, so may become obnoxious. grin.

TolpuddlapinMartyr Tue 11-Sep-07 22:07:03

COV, are you a dentist, by the way?

IGB Tue 11-Sep-07 22:07:19

you go for it girl!

MrsJohnMonks Tue 11-Sep-07 22:07:56


ComeOVeneer Tue 11-Sep-07 22:09:13

Yes I am (a dentist that is).

filthymindedbolshevixen Tue 11-Sep-07 22:10:10

oh CoV - that sounds hellish

TolpuddlapinMartyr Tue 11-Sep-07 22:11:51

Can I be completely awful and ask you a question as a dentist? I've got this crown.... nah, just kidding grin.

No, my real question - at what age would you recommend taking a child for the first visit to a dentist? DS is 17m with 12 teeth (and possibly one or two more coming in!) I'm not sure if I should be taking him for a check up.

Thanks, sorry for being cheeky!

ComeOVeneer Tue 11-Sep-07 22:12:14

Hey Mrsjohn, try calmly telling your children (almost 3 and 6) that we are heading out the door at 6pm to the doctors because mummy may have a bug crawling aound in her ear possibly trying to bury into her brain (I am an arachnophobe btw and not great with wasps/bees etc etc). I am beginning to feel he wine kicking in now.

ComeOVeneer Tue 11-Sep-07 22:13:34

Tol I recommend starting at 2 so get him booked in with you for your next check up.

CatIsSleepy Tue 11-Sep-07 22:15:08

um, I don't know if this is the right place to ask but have just logged on after a few hours off


TolpuddlapinMartyr Tue 11-Sep-07 22:17:19

Cheers lovely. smile feel better!

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