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Fruit shoots are good for you- Sky news exclusively reveals!

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GessGalloway Tue 11-Sep-07 21:52:52

Exclusive interview later with Sky nutritionist ' Dr Jenny Talia.

JoanBaezifrau Wed 12-Sep-07 03:47:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Budababe Wed 12-Sep-07 06:33:04

You do realise that people may take this as true?

And I know you are all having a bit of fun which has been lacking around here but this all stemmed from distaste at the speculation and gossip on the McCann threads which was seen as disrespectful. This strikes me as equally disrespectful I'm afraid.

Snaf Wed 12-Sep-07 08:03:12

Or...maybe people are just having fun because, er, they feel like having fun?

Not everything - on MN or elewhere - revolves around the McCann's, believe it or not.

beansprout Wed 12-Sep-07 08:05:15

And now they are reporting that Elvis has been found on the moon! It must be true!!!!

GessGalloway Wed 12-Sep-07 17:01:58

people will take Dr Jenny Talia as being true? Seriously? PMSL.

Budababe Wed 12-Sep-07 17:11:25

Not take Dr Jenny Talia as true - take the headline.

A bit OTT? Yes. Of course. But I was annoyed at the thread which obv came about from last night's efforts to fill "In the news" with twaddle. Still think it's disrespectful. (And infantile to be completely truthful - but you are all well within in your rights so I will just ignore it all.)

GessGalloway Wed 12-Sep-07 17:18:49

well of course its infantile, but at least it didn't make you lose your lunch.

I can't seriously see anyone believeing the headline.

Disclaimer. Please note:. Do not change your child's diet without consulting a health practitioner, This is not meant as medical advice.

Eliza2 Wed 12-Sep-07 18:12:42

Someone tell me that oven chips are good for you and MAKE MY WEEK.

Quootiepie Wed 12-Sep-07 18:19:20

Took me a sec to get Jenny Talia blush

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