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Now they say they found 'loads of Madeleine's hair in the boot'

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LostPuppy Tue 11-Sep-07 11:57:52

Large amount of Madeleine's hair 'found in boot of parents' hire car'

I really can't believe this, but...

LostPuppy Tue 11-Sep-07 11:58:45

Sorry, if you cant get that link try this one

Jazzicatz Tue 11-Sep-07 11:59:00


LostPuppy Tue 11-Sep-07 12:00:35

It's not gossip. It is reported as fact.

saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 11-Sep-07 12:04:03

Couldn't it have just been added to an existing thread for those that want to click on them?

We do not need a new thread for every new fact (gossip).

LostPuppy Tue 11-Sep-07 12:06:49

Perhaps, but the other threads are very crowded and this is new news and crucial to the investigation. I didn't want it buried amongst people slagging each other off for having an opinion. I am not voicing an opinion by the way, just thought people might like to see this major development.

artichokes Tue 11-Sep-07 12:09:22

Last night's Sky report about finding incontravertable DNA was reported as fact and repeated as fact by all today's papers. The police have been forced to release a statement contradicting this "fact" because it was just gossip.

ruddynorah Tue 11-Sep-07 12:10:38

it is in the daily mail ffs. when will people learn?!

Hulababy Tue 11-Sep-07 12:10:57


pooka Tue 11-Sep-07 12:11:39

Please stop this.

welshdeb Tue 11-Sep-07 12:12:05

its news, this is a web forum its for posting news and gossip.
If you don't like these treads dont look.

bananaknickers Tue 11-Sep-07 12:13:48

This outageous [fucking pissed off emotion]

HorribleHorace Tue 11-Sep-07 12:15:11

what's outragous? that some people think they have the right to tell others where and what to post? that's the only thing I find outragous

ruddynorah Tue 11-Sep-07 12:17:06

i'll tell you what's outrageous...that there are people who read the daily mail and take the content to be fact. you must be really stupendously thick.

Jazzicatz Tue 11-Sep-07 12:18:09

It is not that it is being reported, it is because everytime anything new happens, a new thread gets started, and everyone starts speculating on something we know nothing about. Just give it a rest please.

HorribleHorace Tue 11-Sep-07 12:19:13

i agree, there are too many threads. but i do think people should stay off them if they don't want to read them.....

pooka Tue 11-Sep-07 12:20:32

FGS just add it to the other thread. Why on earth are you worried about it being "lost" in that thread?
Who is this helping?

bananaknickers Tue 11-Sep-07 12:20:55

sorry guys shouldn't have sworn and never have before blush.I know emotions are running very high on MN and we must all have an interest in this because we are all parents. I wished everyone would stop fighting about this.

pooka Tue 11-Sep-07 12:21:26

Still have to look at active convos and see lurid-titled threads .

haychee Tue 11-Sep-07 12:29:52

Honestly. Some people should just stay away from these threads, theyve all signed a pact of silence over any mm thread and by doing so have disassociated themselves from anything that the rest of might want to discuss.


Ive been diplomatic to these MM thread haters, ive apologised to them and been honest and sincere, but its really getting on my tits now, the names on their "list" are reappearing here, which makes the list a joke, a farce and total waste of time.

I agree with madamez they are sabbotaging this thread with bumping under a different guise.

Maybe we should start a "list" of our own to balance out those for and those against MM threads. Or to pull us all together a "list" of those who are middle of the road, or an agreement to say, "i sign below to state once and for all that i agree not to become involved in discussions which are not on my level, or my opinion is to that extreme oppposite of the thread title. I promise not to sabbotage, not to post or become argumentative to anyone on any MN thread who i find is being distastful"

Someone else will probobly choose a better wording, but i think the time has come to settle this, and stop the divide that is ever increasing.

utterMadness Tue 11-Sep-07 12:41:43

Wonder how much money one could earn as a "source close to the investigation"?

Would you have to prove who you were or could anyone ring up the DM and say "I'm involved in the <insert relevant case here> and I know x and y about the case"?

CountessDracula Tue 11-Sep-07 12:45:41

Well I never believe anything I read in the DM

It is not even fit for bog roll IMO

SSSandy2 Tue 11-Sep-07 12:47:16

In this case, if something hasn't been refuted after 3 days, I start to believe it. Generally though that's what happens

missmarpleofgoogle Tue 11-Sep-07 13:01:06

i've heard that the police have also found part of a fingernail in the boot of the hire car, will find link.

Peachy Tue 11-Sep-07 13:02:22

The Portugese cant release any info- so its from a dubious source AT BEST. Unless you consider a police officer who releases ,information' he isn't allowed to (that being the most erm reliable source) as a great and honest source? Coz I don't

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