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Potty or toilet?

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sarahgg Tue 11-Sep-07 10:17:56

DD2 has just turned 2 and is in middle of potty training. All going really well, but now insists on using toilet instead. This would be great, but only have upstairs loo, so all morning I have been up and down stairs, on and off the loo. Driving me mad! How can i persuade her to use potty instead?

Gobbledigook Tue 11-Sep-07 10:19:00

Don't!! If she wants to use the toilet that's miles better!

Why is this 'in the news'??

totaleclipse Tue 11-Sep-07 10:19:55

dts have always used the toilet, apart from the odd time, it has to happen sometime, as long as she is not doing it in her pants be thankful and put up with itsmile

I do mean that in the nicest way btw.

totaleclipse Tue 11-Sep-07 10:20:21

lol, did'nt notice it was in the news section.

sarahgg Tue 11-Sep-07 10:20:32

oops, sorry! Had a bit of help from DD!

totaleclipse Tue 11-Sep-07 10:22:06

She is obviously very talented then by all accountsgrin

Heathcliffscathy Tue 11-Sep-07 10:23:41

toilet so much better.....a bit of up and down now, will save you endless trouble in the long run.

ComeOVeneer Tue 11-Sep-07 10:24:05

It is easier if they use the toilet that way firstly you don't need to keep emptying and cleaning it, simply flush and secondly she will be fine when you are out and about if she needs to go. DS mainly uses the potty, but today he started nursery and they only have toilets (full size not kiddies ones) and he was reluctant to use it.

sarahgg Tue 11-Sep-07 10:25:09

mmm, really talented, just found a nappy and put it on herself. What a morning, going from potty to toilet and back to nappies again!

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