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World's End murder trial collapses

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saltire Mon 10-Sep-07 12:15:37


It must be so upsetting for the families of the murdered girls , to think that at last they were going to get some sort of closure and perhaps the murderer put away, now it's all collapsed

expatinscotland Mon 10-Sep-07 12:16:27

Yeah, I was pretty shocked by this.

paolosgirl Mon 10-Sep-07 12:19:19

How awful for the families sad sad

saltire Mon 10-Sep-07 12:20:24

I think the fact that it was 30 years ago, and they have waited for so long not knowing who did this to their daughters is terrible, they must be really upset

kerrykatona Mon 10-Sep-07 14:13:33

tha dad of one of the girls was talking on the news, he looks like a broken man sad

he had promised his late wife that he would carry on trying to get justice.

ruty Mon 10-Sep-07 14:37:44

i cannot believe he was not convicted. A serious travesty of justice. I feel very angry with the judge.

ruty Mon 10-Sep-07 14:40:42

the man has a history of sexual assault and murder of girls of this age but the judge could not decide if the sex he had had with these two girls was consensual or not? Appalling.

donnie Mon 10-Sep-07 14:43:18

I expect he will kill again. People like that usually do. How awful.

saltire Mon 10-Sep-07 15:30:15

Did any of you notice this bit in the article

**Advocate depute Alan Mackay, the leader of the prosecution team, was not in his usual place in court to hear the judge's decision.

He is understood to be "missing" and concern has been expressed for his whereabouts**


ruty Mon 10-Sep-07 16:20:06

yes very.

missgriss Mon 10-Sep-07 16:24:46

That is weird saltire.

How very upsetting for the victims families sad

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