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Money for pregnant women to buy fruit and veg ....

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ComeOVeneer Sun 09-Sep-07 00:01:17


Bubble99 Sun 09-Sep-07 00:02:51

Try linking again, COV.

chocabloc Sun 09-Sep-07 00:03:26

oh cant find it what keyword can i search for?

TheQueenOfQuotes Sun 09-Sep-07 00:03:38

link ot working for me - but my first thoughts are why??? OK fruit can be a little pricey if you're buying supermarket "out of season" stuff - but generally you can pick up fruit and veg very cheaply - I think when we were on a very low budget I bought more veg than anything else....

ComeOVeneer Sun 09-Sep-07 00:03:57


BrassicMonkey Sun 09-Sep-07 00:04:20

Link's not working, but...if it's a scheme designed to help pregnant women afford a healthy diet, how can it be wrong?

TheArmadillo Sun 09-Sep-07 00:04:24

link not working.

DO you know many hundreds of years ago they were given money to buy meat and wine. Pregnant women in prison (although was illegal in some areas to arrest a pregnant woman or at least for nothing short of murder) got far better diets than they had ever had before they were in prison, because they often got given meat and wine (seen as essential to a pregnant woman's diet).

chocabloc Sun 09-Sep-07 00:05:21

yep fruit and veg is cheap! and if she is on benefits or not apparently the new vouchers can be used for fruit and veg, and even organic fruit and veg boxes deliveerd str8 to her door! that cant be right not in this century???

TheQueenOfQuotes Sun 09-Sep-07 00:06:02

ok link working for me now £120 cash payment when they're 7 months pg?????? wtf!!

ComeOVeneer Sun 09-Sep-07 00:06:17

What bothers me is it saysin the article that there will be no way to ensure the mone is spent on good food, so they can spend it on booze and cigarettes so what is the point?

Bubble99 Sun 09-Sep-07 00:06:26

Vouchers of some sort would make more sense, surely?

ComeOVeneer Sun 09-Sep-07 00:07:41

QofQ I agree isn't 7 months too late?

chocabloc Sun 09-Sep-07 00:08:09

very bad idea, and yes money can be spent on other things! what good is £120 when ur 7months gone, if u have been prev eating macd's and processed crap and drinking and smoking! gov thinks i know lets give them fruit and veg for 3 months and they and their baby will be healthy! what a rubbish idea!

TheQueenOfQuotes Sun 09-Sep-07 00:08:36

you know what - when we're having a really tight month (like this month) I pile my basket full of fruit and veg because it's cheap...if they're not already buying fruit and veg and using it I don't see how giving then money (or even vouchers) would help tbh

chocabloc Sun 09-Sep-07 00:09:29

they need to be advised early on in the pregnancy and their allready is a gov scheme in place to provide milk fruit and veg for free! esp those that smoke! no offence to smokers! and those taht drink a little too much when preg! i felt guilty for having one at my baby shower!

Bubble99 Sun 09-Sep-07 00:11:55

The government would do better to use this money to employ more midwives so that women can have better and more personalised care from the beginning of their pregnancies.

Joash Sun 09-Sep-07 00:11:56

But dont they already do something similar anyway (or is that just down here?). Pregnant women and children under 4 get vouchers towards fresh fruit and veg every week, if they're below a certain income level.

chocabloc Sun 09-Sep-07 00:17:39

the gov think someone will get patted ont this back for the apparent 'help' they are giving mums to be! and sum stupid arse in parliment is getting paid a wedge just for suggesting it! maybe they should re evaluate footballers wage and yes employ more midwifes! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Peshatlast Sun 09-Sep-07 00:20:05

Vouchers for £2.80 p/w if you're in receipt of certain benefits to be spent on milk, fruit and veg. For pg women and children under 4.

sparklygothkat Sun 09-Sep-07 01:31:22

I get £2.80 a week for fruit, veg and milk, have been getting it since 10 weeks.

ELR Sun 09-Sep-07 10:06:21

think vouchers would be a good idea but cash is not a good idea as i think some people would spend it on other stuff and still eat poorly

sparklygothkat Sun 09-Sep-07 10:08:31

but you do get vouchers already if on a low income, I buy milk and fruit with mine.

Bibis Sun 09-Sep-07 10:10:10

I am tempted to get pg again in order to go out on the piss at 7 months gonewink.

This is yet another ill thought out, unmanageable policy, almost as bad as the CTF. How far is this nanny state going to go hmm

WideWebWitch Sun 09-Sep-07 10:10:46

I think it's a good idea but 7 months pregant is too late. I think cash is fine, pregnant women should be trusted to spend it on what they need most I think. It's not like they're beign given £100k or something, it's £120.

Roskva Sun 09-Sep-07 10:21:38

I always thought it was what you eat in the first 3 months that really matters hmm.

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