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I want to emigrate to a very cold cold country, arghhhhhhhhhhh

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totaleclipse Fri 07-Sep-07 10:36:44


Nbg Fri 07-Sep-07 10:38:09


<runs off to look at igloo prices>

elesbells Fri 07-Sep-07 10:40:15

woolie hat and scalf ready

im coming with you, what time you picking us up? wink

TwitmonstEr Fri 07-Sep-07 10:40:29

yes me too, but only cos I like the cold weather.

totaleclipse Fri 07-Sep-07 10:46:42

I'll be there as quick as my legs can carrymegrin

northstar Fri 07-Sep-07 10:48:50

Is this about spiders? I can't look because I hate them so much but would someone just tell me please???????

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Fri 07-Sep-07 10:52:32

northstar, bigger and more spiders this autumn because of milder weather

totaleclipse Fri 07-Sep-07 10:52:32

Yes, 5 inches long, here in Britain......ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Fri 07-Sep-07 10:52:57

oh and im coming too! have been trying to teach my kitten to eat the spiders but hes having none of it!!

northstar Fri 07-Sep-07 10:54:11

I KNEW it, I just knew it was going to be bad newssad
Dp is happy though because it makes him feel all manly to have to rescue me lol!

totaleclipse Fri 07-Sep-07 10:54:12

Right, I'll book a minibus.

brimfull Fri 07-Sep-07 10:55:26

I found an enormous one,dead in the dog's water bowl.It had a body the size of a mini!

It was dead thankfully.

northstar Fri 07-Sep-07 10:56:21

Sleepless, the whole pets eating spiders can backfire. My neighbour's dog started catching them in his mouth, bringing them to her and dropping them onto her lap while she was sitting watching tv! OR drinking coffee!shock

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Fri 07-Sep-07 10:58:37

oh shock maybe i wont encourage it!

purplemonkeydishwasher Fri 07-Sep-07 11:02:36

how cold? i'm from a pretty cold place and there's still spiders there. granted they are the huge motorcycle riding ones we get here!

sharklet Fri 07-Sep-07 11:30:06

Check out the spiders they get in Oman.....

Absolutely F*ing HUGE!!!!!

totaleclipse Fri 07-Sep-07 11:32:18

I need a lie down nowshock

northstar Fri 07-Sep-07 11:34:35

I can't look. I really can't look. I just can't bring myself to click on the link. It's like my laptop will be contaminated or somethingblush

sharklet Fri 07-Sep-07 11:40:10

Must add - DO NOT LOOK AT THE LINK - if you are scared of spiders - I'd hate for you to all be gibering wrecks by the time hubby gets home....

suedonim Fri 07-Sep-07 13:31:55

It wasn't quite five inches but there was a massive 8-legged beast in my bathroom in Scotland on Monday. shock It was even bigger after I'd flattened it. grin I'm glad to be back on the eight floor in Nigeria as sp*ders don't seem to be able to make it up this high.

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