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This made me giggle!!

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JonesTheSteam Thu 06-Sep-07 18:47:11

daft robber writes name on wall

TheArmadillo Thu 06-Sep-07 18:49:36

lol - at least he made it easy for the police to find him grin

BettySpaghetti Thu 06-Sep-07 18:52:38


There was another case this week where a get-away car load of criminals (armed robbers?) pulled into a car park to abandon the car only to find that the police were using the car park for a dog training exercise


TheQueenOfQuotes Thu 06-Sep-07 19:02:28

was just about to come and post about this - very grin

unknownrebelbang Fri 07-Sep-07 16:55:45

Some offenders are really intelligent, very clever people.

And then some are just.....

words fail me.


sweetcat Fri 07-Sep-07 17:15:04

I used to work in an opticians and a dodgy looking guy came in and hovered around the designer frames. I went over and asked if he wanted to make an appointment, he was reluctant, but did so.

Once he had left I realised he had taken 3 very expensive frames and called the police. Guess what? He had given me his correct name and address for the appointment. Stupid man grin

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