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Sad News- Jane Tomlinson has died of Breast cancer

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tiredemma Tue 04-Sep-07 09:49:17

sad, what a lovely woman.,,70131-1282668,00.html


Carmenere Tue 04-Sep-07 09:49:47

Oh nosad

McDreamy Tue 04-Sep-07 09:50:24


RubySlippers Tue 04-Sep-07 09:50:26

she was amazing
truly inspirational

tiredemma Tue 04-Sep-07 09:50:44

such a courageous woman.

onlyjoking9329 Tue 04-Sep-07 09:51:51

i read her book she seemed lovely. so sadsad

kitsandbits Tue 04-Sep-07 09:53:06

Freckle Tue 04-Sep-07 09:55:39

She was so full of life and energy that it seemed she would beat the cancer eventually. But what an inspiration she has been and how much money has she raised through her superhuman efforts?

Hurlyburly Tue 04-Sep-07 09:58:02

So sad. sad Sending thoughts and best wishes to her family.

I was fortunate enough to have met her once. What an inspiration.

saltire Tue 04-Sep-07 10:01:43

She was an inspriation, and did things that I as a relatively fit adult wouldn't be able to do.

I think in a way she gave hope to a lot of breast cancer sufferers and their families. I know she did with my cousin

NadineBaggott Tue 04-Sep-07 10:04:26

What a fantastic spirit she had.
She'll leave a big hole in her family.
Very sad indeed.

growingbagpuss Tue 04-Sep-07 10:05:10

What an amazing woman, she fought so hard, at the same time as my Dad was losing his fight against breast cancer sad.

My heart goes out to her family - I only hope they can draw inspiration from her rlentless battle.

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 04-Sep-07 10:06:45

that is really really sad sad

Budababe Tue 04-Sep-07 10:07:17

Oh no - how sad sad

Was hoping for a miracle for her.

TigerFeet Tue 04-Sep-07 10:07:37

So sad. She was so courageous.

TinyGang Tue 04-Sep-07 10:08:46


happystory Tue 04-Sep-07 10:10:30

So sad, such an amazing spirit.

Now when I speak to my mother, I will have to endure the 'but shouldn't she just have stayed at home with her family' conversation. sad

I may have to say something sharp.

GreebosWhiskers Tue 04-Sep-07 10:15:11

feetheart Tue 04-Sep-07 10:19:07

What sad news, I too was hoping her amazing spirit would somehow fight the inevitable.

My thoughts are with her family, I hope they are able to gain comfort and strength from knowing that she was such an inspirational woman.

lyrasdaemon Tue 04-Sep-07 10:24:39

What a truly inspirational woman. May she rest in peace.

My thoughts go to her family at this sad time.


ZoMbIeTaLcY Tue 04-Sep-07 10:34:01


LilyLoo Tue 04-Sep-07 10:36:35

what a remarkable woman sad i am sure despite their sadness her family will also feel very proud of her, wishing them lots of support and strength.

Dawnybabe Tue 04-Sep-07 10:39:14

I can't believe she's gone so suddenly. Seems like only a few weeks ago she finished that last bike ride.

She's in good company. Breast cancer took my mum last year. sad

My thoughts are with her family.

happystory Tue 04-Sep-07 10:40:24

Sorry to hear that dawny

Nbg Tue 04-Sep-07 10:41:44

Oh thats so sad

Lovely lovely lady.

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