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the police have gone mad

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tatt Sun 02-Sep-07 13:13:49

why did they pay out money to this boy?

Trinityrhino Sun 02-Sep-07 13:16:15

link for you

themoon66 Sun 02-Sep-07 13:17:13

I wish I could get £4,000 that easily.

ImBarryScott Sun 02-Sep-07 13:18:33

I personally think it's important that the police behave in accordance with strict rules, and don't go dishing out punishments as and when they see fit, as this allows for discrimination, and a return to the old days when it was common for suspects, particularly in minority groups, to "fall down the stairs" in the cells rather a lot.

Bloody 'ell, that was a long sentence.

The payment is to signify that chucking people's kids around as they see fit is not what modern policing's about.

doyouwantfrieswiththat Sun 02-Sep-07 13:24:19

but he was 'humiliated and distressed'

talk about undermining authority, a disproportionate reaction to say the least

tatt Sun 02-Sep-07 14:50:05

Thank you Trinityrhino.

No suggestion of any damage to the boy other than being humiliated and distressed hmm. The policeman was investigating reports of lads throwing conkers at people. Rather than spend hours on paperwork after arresting the lad he picked him and threatened to put him in the bin. The lad said go on then - so invited it. Not exactly a major "punishment" or the sort of damage you'd get falling down stairs.

If such cases went to a jury wouldn't you laugh it out of court?

southeastastra Sun 02-Sep-07 14:52:03

wow for that money the police could put me in a bin. i'd even get in myself

tatt Sun 02-Sep-07 15:01:21

perhaps that's why he encouraged the policeman to put him in the bin, he knew his lawyer could make something of it!

themoon66 Sun 02-Sep-07 15:20:58

<< goes out to chuck conkers at people so I can pay off some debts >> hmm

tatt Sun 02-Sep-07 19:54:46

the payment is probably because they think it would cost them less than the loss of police time in going to court. However this is an open invitation to daft claims.

whiskeyandbeer Wed 05-Sep-07 10:10:41

it's hardly daft claims the the police officer clearly over stepped the boundaries of what he is allowed do.picking someone up and putting them in a bin is unacceptable behaviour from someone in that position of authority.
how often do we hear of serious crimes being thrown out of court due to cock ups in police procedure?

RedLorryYellowLorry Wed 05-Sep-07 10:15:27

I saw this on the news and the report said the father complained about the incident. If my child had told me the police had had to speak to them about throwing things at people I would have dealt with their behaviour not the Polices. The incident was shown on the news clip and he didn't appear distressed. It's ridiculous.

RedLorryYellowLorry Wed 05-Sep-07 10:18:35

Sorry forgot to say the boy's friend video phoned the incident and they were all laughing about it and saying go on to the policeman. He put him in the bin and walked off - the boy stepped out of the bin. The end. Hardly abuse.

TheArmadillo Wed 05-Sep-07 10:21:44

I think it was a stupid thing to do tbh. NOt £4000 worth of stupid, but still spectacularly dumb.

BTW a friend of mine once got dunked in a bin like that, it smashed up his ankle. That was done with both parties finding it hilarious until the pain.

kitsandbits Wed 05-Sep-07 10:23:18

I'd live in a bin for a week for £4000!

kitsandbits Wed 05-Sep-07 10:25:01

Police men are idiots on the whole, my BIL is one and the thing the y do
(aand he openly admits to doing) are disgusting!

My sisters boyfriend was beaten upo by 4 police officers on friday night.

He has a BOOT PRINT on his neck! you can actully see what sze the officers shoe was as the number is bruised into his neck!

whiskeyandbeer Wed 05-Sep-07 10:32:57

what was he doing that the police beat him up?

kitsandbits Wed 05-Sep-07 10:34:13

Drunk and disorderly,

hes only 17 though. Got too mouthy apparently.

divastrop Wed 05-Sep-07 10:34:19


that takes the piss.

and what difference does it make that he was in a 'minority group'?he was acting like a stupid little thug,so the copper dealt with it.maybe the people having conkers thrown at them felt humiliated and the copper wanted to give that lad a taste of his own?

if i'd got told off by the police for anything i wouldnt have told my mother,even if i'd got a clip round the ear for it,as my mum would have told me it served me right and punished me again!

this is whats wrong with society now respect for authority.

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Wed 05-Sep-07 10:37:00

btu whiskey and beer, do you not think that children were much more well behaved when the police had some leway on how they dealt with them like when they'd give kids a clip round the ear and take them home to their parents, rather than a 'well dont do it again' that never amounts to anything and the kids know it?

BacktoBasics Wed 05-Sep-07 10:46:45

The policeman should have padlocked the bin and carted him off to a police cell and left him in the cell for a week. Little shit. Sorry but this is a good example of how the stupid little thugs in this country are getting away with breaking the law and getting away with murder. The police have no power because they are constantly undermined and the £4000 takes the piss out of the British justice system because he was 17 meaning he was underage and acting drunk and disorderly yet he got money out of it hmm Ridiculas!

CountessDraculaPI Wed 05-Sep-07 10:48:38

brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "PC gone mad" grin

UnquietDad Wed 05-Sep-07 10:51:55

If only it were like t'good old days when young folk were afeared of t'local bobby and he'd give 'em a clip round t'ear for cheekin' him.

I bet the kid was a gobby little scrote and the policeman wanted to remind him to respect authority.

whiskeyandbeer Wed 05-Sep-07 10:53:54

look i'm not sticking up for the kid more lambasting the stupidity of the copper. if it was up to me things like giving little scrotes like that a clip around the ear would be ok. but soceity today has deemed it unacceptable for the police to take matters into their own hands and so has provided them with strict codes of conduct to avoid certain things like abuse of police power, failure of court cases for not providing correct due process and i'd imagine claims like the one mentioned above.
i'm not sure if people were better behaved back when the police where allowed leeway to clip youngsters around the ear as i wasn't alive at the time. anectdotely i have been lead to believe so but i'm also quite aware that in such time there was a far greater abuse of police powers as they had no procedure to follow and complaints against them where ignored or brushed under the carpet.

UnquietDad Wed 05-Sep-07 10:54:52

I was half joking. Only half, mind.

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