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NAB3 Mon 27-Aug-07 17:18:08

I have just heard the parents on the radio and I feel for them so much. Someone must know something. They are going to move away as they no longer feel safe.

If you know who it is, tell someone.

If it was your child, would you report them?

AufishFeQueen Thu 06-Sep-07 22:31:06

sleep well little man.

Nemo2007 Thu 06-Sep-07 22:32:44

just watched clips of his funeral. Fecking awful and if it was one of mine then I would report them.

UCM Thu 06-Sep-07 23:32:31

I watched this on news accidentally. It made me cry. Didn't matter how much the service was about light & shining life. It still made me cry.

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