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Surprise, surprise - Diana's rentaquote "best friends" in the papers AGAIN

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HowRidiculous Sun 26-Aug-07 23:59:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Mon 27-Aug-07 00:11:01

Camilla was the ghost in the marriage, he was seeing Camilla right up until the wedding day................However

Camilla was not the reason Diana was having supper with in Paris that evening. Diana was the reason, Diana was dallying with Dodi Fayed it made good press. Diana had courted the worlds media and it had the worst of consequences.

Camilla should not have agreed to go to the service. But she equally should not be villified.

SueW Mon 27-Aug-07 08:10:25

Did you see this piece yesterday about 'The Diana Myth'?

Highlander Mon 27-Aug-07 16:51:00

Rosa Moncton gives me the creeps

paulaplumpbottom Mon 27-Aug-07 19:18:34

I feel like the boys are doing a bit of courting of their own, on one hand they want the press to leave her in peace but then they organise concerts and memorial services. I understand that they want to remember her but they can't really have it both ways.

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