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Awwwwwwww............poor cow.

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totaleclipse Thu 23-Aug-07 10:20:59,,91059-1280981,00.html

kitsandbits Thu 23-Aug-07 10:22:13

Uh thats gross,

surely if the poor thing cant stand they should have it put down?

cornsilk Thu 23-Aug-07 10:23:18

poor thing

QueenofBleach Thu 23-Aug-07 10:33:10

If this had happened on our farm it would have been put down, IMHO it is cruel to allow to live in thsi condition.

Reallytired Thu 23-Aug-07 12:05:36

It would be the kindest thing if that calf was slaughtered. Afterall plenty of healthy calves get killed everyday.

poor thing.

LaBoheme Thu 23-Aug-07 12:06:09

are they making money out of the cow?

Carnoodleusfudge Thu 23-Aug-07 12:08:05

That would make it a cash cow!

Feel very sorry for the cow

RGPargy Thu 23-Aug-07 12:08:08

They will no doubt have to put the calf down, wont they?

moljam Thu 23-Aug-07 12:08:34

i agree with QueenofBleach,it should be put down

LaBoheme Fri 24-Aug-07 09:14:43

poor little thing

nutcracker Fri 24-Aug-07 09:16:12

I think the people are behaving disgustingly and the calf should be put down asap.

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