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Bogus call centre worker revealed as doctor

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hunkermunker Wed 15-Aug-07 01:25:28

It had to happen

peanutbear Wed 15-Aug-07 06:50:46

hahahaha poor girl

lljkk Wed 15-Aug-07 12:05:12

I like even better the other article on same website, about Judaism "buys Islam".

Sheherazadethegoat Wed 15-Aug-07 12:06:46

pmsl - thanks for the link

Pruners Wed 15-Aug-07 12:07:19

Message withdrawn

onlyWotz Wed 15-Aug-07 12:08:30

Kathyis6incheshigh Wed 15-Aug-07 12:09:18

Yes I haven't been to The Onion for ages. Did used to love it.

hockeypuck Wed 15-Aug-07 12:09:39

I'm confused??? What is going on?

Bluestocking Wed 15-Aug-07 12:15:59

I have to confess I rather like this one too.

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