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Mattel 'Cars' toys 'Sarge' recall

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grouchyoscar Tue 14-Aug-07 16:21:09

My DH just told me about this Thought it was worth passing on.

Sarge is the army jeep character.

I've checked DS's and his Sarge was made in Thailand - phew

speedymama Tue 14-Aug-07 16:33:10

I hope the tide starts to turn against all the cheap imports from China.

kitsandbits Tue 14-Aug-07 16:34:12

We have the diecast lightening - is that ok??

grouchyoscar Tue 14-Aug-07 16:35:54

Thing is, they ain't cheap. It's the manufacturers that the companies use.

And we bought most of his Cars stuff off so I was peering at them with a magnifying glass

grouchyoscar Tue 14-Aug-07 16:43:15

KitsandBits...The article only mentions Sarges made in China so I think Lightning will be ok

PersonalClown Tue 14-Aug-07 16:43:29

Great. I have one.
Anyone know how to get it replaced?

LadyVictoriaOfCake Tue 14-Aug-07 16:45:18

here pc

LadyVictoriaOfCake Tue 14-Aug-07 16:48:29

PC, just checked yours is fine

PersonalClown Tue 14-Aug-07 16:56:10

Tahnk god. Ds would be devastated if it had to go back.
I've just checked. Out of 37 Cars (Ds obsession!) only 10 were made in Thailand.
I'll be screwed if they recall any more.

Califrau Tue 14-Aug-07 17:12:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

legalalien Tue 14-Aug-07 17:18:26

Cali - had a look on BBC and think it's only Sarges made between about May and July this year (sigh of relief).

Califrau Tue 14-Aug-07 17:18:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Califrau Tue 14-Aug-07 17:20:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

legalalien Tue 14-Aug-07 17:20:49

Cali. And think how lonely Phillmore will be.

Surfermum Tue 14-Aug-07 17:25:56

Some Polly Pocket is being recalled too. DD is going to be gutted if it's any of hers.

Califrau Tue 14-Aug-07 17:30:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Califrau Tue 14-Aug-07 17:32:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Surfermum Tue 14-Aug-07 17:36:34

I'm just googling to find the list of items and having real trouble finding it ..... ooh hang on Radio 2 just giving it:


Surfermum Tue 14-Aug-07 17:37:14

Oh, that isn't it. They said it so quickly I must have typed it wrong.

RubberDuck Tue 14-Aug-07 17:51:11

On the radio they said something about Batman figures too? Anyone found anything about that?

RubberDuck Tue 14-Aug-07 17:52:12

Two t's in Mattel

Mattel's site

RubberDuck Tue 14-Aug-07 17:57:26

God their site is crap. Took me ages to find anything useful. This is the US version of the list, don't seem to have updated their UK service site:

list of affected toys

RubberDuck Tue 14-Aug-07 17:58:27

bugger... ds1's batman is on there - he'll be gutted

Lucewheel Tue 14-Aug-07 18:00:51

My ds has the affected one we also have the magnetic scoop that has to be returned but no info for the uk yet. This is crap.
Thankyou groughyoscar for posting this or I would never have known.

Lucewheel Tue 14-Aug-07 18:08:16

Califrau, I think that the cars have to be returned to Mattel, the US were then sending replacement ones back. Fingers crossed that the UK do the same or my ds will be very

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