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baby nearly snatched from pram!

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massivebigpantsface Mon 13-Aug-07 17:03:55


RGPargy Mon 13-Aug-07 17:05:04

beansprout Mon 13-Aug-07 17:05:26

That's a nightmare and half come true! How awful.

Just goes to show though, don't f*ck with the mummy instinct!!

whomovedmychocolate Mon 13-Aug-07 17:07:04

Poor mother

WinnieThePooh Mon 13-Aug-07 17:07:17


Thank goodness she has strapped the baby into the pram. It does not bear think about what might have happened if she had not.

mosschops30 Mon 13-Aug-07 17:07:22

and dont mess with Northerners either, we'll fighht to the death!!

massivebigpantsface Mon 13-Aug-07 17:07:32

why do you think people would do that?

flowerybeanbag Mon 13-Aug-07 17:08:14

I can't believe that! How lucky the baby was strapped in in the pram.

mumfor1standfinaltime Mon 13-Aug-07 17:08:37

Good on the mother for smacking her in the face.

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 13-Aug-07 17:09:07

Message withdrawn

RubberDuck Mon 13-Aug-07 17:09:10

Good god

LadyTophamHatt Mon 13-Aug-07 17:09:32

That makes my blood run cold.

I 'don't think I;d ever leave the house again if that happened to me...

massivebigpantsface Mon 13-Aug-07 17:11:33

its awful. When dd was that little I admit I didn't always strap her in her pram, I have to now as she would fall out. I will make sure I strap the next one in no matter how tiny.

hippipotami Mon 13-Aug-07 17:13:12

Good grief, that is awful! That poor mum! I remember when I had ds (8 years ago on Friday) that we were warned about exactly this type of incident, so I always strapped ds in. BUT, when I had dd 3 years later, I had a new pram and the carrycot had no straps. She was never strapped in whilst in the carrycot. <hippi shudders at what could have happened>

You have to worry about the would-be-kidnappers though - how desperate must they be to try this.

whomovedmychocolate Mon 13-Aug-07 17:13:45

I always had keys to hand just in case when dd was tiny (very effective weapon) but I just assumed that was normal mummy paranoia!

mosschops30 Mon 13-Aug-07 17:15:37

someone walked off with dd when she was tiny in her pram in M&S in Newcastle. I had my hand on the pram thankfully.

It was an old lady I think she had dementia or something similar because her carer told her that wasnt her baby and she looked quite upset and confused.

Obviously this was a malicious attempt

flowerybeanbag Mon 13-Aug-07 17:16:13

DS has no straps in his carrycot! What can I do? Wield keys in style of whomoved?


whomovedmychocolate Mon 13-Aug-07 17:18:01

Flowery bean bag - hmm, does the carrycot have a secured cover? Personally I'd just pop your baby in a sling if you are worried. Even I can't get DD out of the sling without five minutes notice and I've been doing it for nearly a year!

louii Mon 13-Aug-07 17:18:18

God the poor mum, the woman is lucky she only got a punch in the face.

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 13-Aug-07 17:20:08

They'd have a shock if they abducted my ds as he's one hell of a biter. It would be in the news.... 'Police say the abductor can be recognised by the many small toothmarks with much she is now covered and her constant emitting of startled screams.'

hippipotami Mon 13-Aug-07 17:21:12

flowerybeanbag - does the carry cot have some D style rings to which you could attach a harness? My dd's carrycot did, but I never thought to use them (winter baby so cover on carrycot, assumed she would be safe enough )

flowerybeanbag Mon 13-Aug-07 17:21:51

whomoved it's this, so there is a cover that is attached with poppers.

flowerybeanbag Mon 13-Aug-07 17:22:52

hippi don't think so, no.


whomovedmychocolate Mon 13-Aug-07 17:23:58

Well if it has the cover on I wouldn't worry, this is so rare it's not really worth getting worried over. If people can't see what is going on under the covers they don't know whether your baby is strapped in or not.

nailpolish Mon 13-Aug-07 17:24:29

flowery, you could use toddler reigns and attach them to the pram

how awful we have to worry about this sort of thing

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