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Tony Wilson has died!

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WendyWeber Fri 10-Aug-07 23:55:02

He was only 57

I hadn't even heard he was ill.

Aitch Fri 10-Aug-07 23:56:38

oh NO! he was lovely, always good for a quote and very kind. and this month is the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Hacienda.

Aitch Fri 10-Aug-07 23:58:33

och, i've read the story now. i didn't know he was ill either. what a shame...

walbert Sat 11-Aug-07 00:00:37

i am going to watch 24hr party people now in memory of tony. Is peter hook still suing the rest of new order, as we're on mancunian matters?

mazzystar Sat 11-Aug-07 00:02:00

very sad, he was a good bloke

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Sat 11-Aug-07 00:05:56

What a shame. He was a great character, & great for british music and culture.

Hope his family are coping OK

Pan Sat 11-Aug-07 00:06:57

Fuck. Part of my growing up, in Manchester. Sad.

bigmouthstrikesagain Sat 11-Aug-07 00:09:18

apparently Happy Mondays and New Order members were contributing to the costs of his drugs treatment when the chemo didn't work... I am sad about this he was a character and a pivotal part of the Madchester scene... I hope they have a celebration of his life at his memorial service - at least we know the music will be good.

WendyWeber Sat 11-Aug-07 00:19:28

I love this bit:

<<"I used to joke in my early 50s that I'd had such a fantastic life, I'd be happy to die," he said.

"And then suddenly, I find some other reasons for living and just like get excited again about life when it comes along. So that was slightly annoying. I think I was a lord of my own presumption for thinking I'd be happy to die">>

Bless the man

Pan Sat 11-Aug-07 00:25:00

yes WW...good..and so young. I knew he was ill..but am still shocked.

grouchyoscar Sat 11-Aug-07 06:47:12

I've just heard this and I am genuinly shocked.

I'm slightly too young to say I was a huge Factory records fan. I live near Leeds not Manchester but Tony Wilson was just an ever present figure in the music that means something to me.

We have lost a true genius . RIP AHW and thank you for everything.

fawkeoff Sat 11-Aug-07 06:55:23

a real shame is all i can say.......i saw him on northwest tonight amd he looked really poorly.I think it would be gr8 for them to open the hacienda for one night only and all the old factory record bands play. then donate the money to charity

Pan Sat 11-Aug-07 08:07:02

not poss. f. - the club has been 'developed' into a block of flats.

Marina Sat 11-Aug-07 08:12:31

Walbert, I love that film, a fitting tribute to a really original and interesting man. Such a shame
And about the fate of the Hacienda.
Peter Saville, Paul du Noyer and Richard Madeley were warm and appreciative about Tony on Newsnight last night.

fawkeoff Sat 11-Aug-07 08:15:08

i know forgot about that....still be good for em to do summat for charity tho

Aitch Sat 11-Aug-07 10:22:32

it was razed to the round, then developed. poor ben kelly... that was a great interior.

Tinker Sat 11-Aug-07 10:40:43

Very sad about this. Part of my past from Granada Reposrt days when we (as school girls) used to fancy him a bit.

McEdam Sat 11-Aug-07 10:43:25

My mother used to work with Tony Wilson so I got to meet him a couple of times. He was lovely. Very professional but took the time to be kind to a star-struck pre-teen. I was surprised at the time that he was working as a 'normal' TV presenter on non-glamorous programmes but I gather he didn't make much money out of Factory - hadn't got the bands signed up to proper contracts or something. No wonder the poor man couldn't afford chemo when the NHS turned him down.

JeSuisLeLoup Sat 11-Aug-07 10:52:39

He will definitely be missed in Manchester. He changed it from being grim up north to cool up north.

For all those ex-HAc goers, there is an exhibition on at the Urbis in Manchester & even has original door.

[[ HAC exhibition at the Urbis]]

Step on!

JeSuisLeLoup Sat 11-Aug-07 10:53:56

WendyWeber Sat 11-Aug-07 12:35:43

A nice BBC piece here from something he did in June - I suppose it's a sort of pre-obit

jellyhead Sat 11-Aug-07 12:58:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

macneil Sat 11-Aug-07 13:05:06

I'm really sad too: I agree that he made the North cool again. I am pleased he got to enjoy his life being put into a film with an affectionate portrayal, and I'd like to think he knew how much he was respected and loved.

Lizzer Sat 11-Aug-07 13:10:30

Just seen this too, v sad, I didn't realise he was ill either

oliveoil Sat 11-Aug-07 20:59:25

He didn't die from the cancer, he was actually responding to the drugs, it was a heart attack, his body was weak due to the treatment

very sad indeed, have lots of friends who knew him upset atm

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