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Parents bill RNLI for £7 lilo after child rescued

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beanaseireann Wed 14-Aug-19 10:08:14

Absolutely unbelievable !!!
Parents are billing the RNLI £7 for the lilo they had to leave behind in the water after the safe rescue of their child. The rescue costs were £7000 - not to mention the emotional cost to and time costs of the rescuers.

The sheer audacity of them.
Their child's life saved.

You couldn't make it up.

They should be named and shamed.

PancakeAndKeith Wed 14-Aug-19 10:09:21

It’s not true.
Sorry to piss on your chips but it’s made up.

SouthernComforts Wed 14-Aug-19 10:10:28

Link? Sounds far fetched.

beanaseireann Wed 14-Aug-19 10:12:57

Im so glad that it's not true.
I read about it in two newspapers- one being The Independent (definitely) and the other the Daily Mail (I think).

TyneTeas Wed 14-Aug-19 10:16:20

May not be entirely accurate

TyneTeas Wed 14-Aug-19 10:20:25

It is quite interesting how widely it has been reported though seemingly without any further independent verification or fact-checking by each media outlet

Bearsinmotion Wed 14-Aug-19 10:23:39

Interesting demonstration of media outlets that accurately fact check their stories...

Bearsinmotion Wed 14-Aug-19 10:24:29

Or, exactly what Tynetees just said!

EdithWeston Wed 14-Aug-19 10:26:58

There are better decades-old RNLI rescue cost stories.

I expect being the teen whose recuse had cost around £30k (figure may have enlarged in the years of telling!) who was determined to findraise to pay it all back. There was a news item because he reached quite a hefty target (whatever the actual figure was)

He hadn't been doing anything insanely risky, but had got into trouble, and was just humbled that volunteers are there, ready to run risks themselves, to fish him out from the consequences of his leisure choices.

Tonnerre Wed 14-Aug-19 10:37:56

What a surprise that the Daily Mail heavily featured this piece of fiction.

beanaseireann Wed 14-Aug-19 11:02:30


hughwhatascorcher Wed 14-Aug-19 11:48:41

A very few minutes of googling will tell you that this story is old and possibly not even entirely true when it was reported originally.

00100001 Wed 14-Aug-19 12:03:29

it is weird how it popped up on all the national newspapers, as if it was a recent event... when it clearly wasn't true...or recent... confused

treeplop Wed 14-Aug-19 18:28:37

I read this yesterday and thought it sounded like fake news.

AmIChangingagain Fri 16-Aug-19 14:23:49

You couldn't make it up, you say?

beanaseireann Fri 16-Aug-19 18:07:52


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