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£3.5m of EU funding to alleviate child poverty remains unspent after 6 years

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heronontoast Sat 27-Jul-19 11:05:22

Article in the BBC today explaining that the government have not spent £3.5m of EU funding to alleviate child poverty which was allocated 6 years ago. Every other EU country have used their funding, mostly on food aid.
Our government claimed there were too many barriers.
In a no deal Brexit this funding will likely be handed back.
BBC article

BarbariansMum Sat 27-Jul-19 22:30:59

One might almost think they don't care.

DippyAvocado Sat 27-Jul-19 22:35:50

Came on to say the same as Barbarians. If it was funding for something the government was interested in, it would have been spent.

Samcro Sat 27-Jul-19 22:37:47

and your surprised?????

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