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108 year old woman having to wait 18 months for a new hearing aid

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NAB3 Mon 30-Jul-07 13:43:08

I know it isn't right but isn't there someone who could buy her one privately? Where's her family?

TheQueenOfQuotes Mon 30-Jul-07 13:45:39

Perhaps she doesn't have any? Maybe she was single (we had 2 ladies at the home I work at who never married, therefore no chidlren/grandchildren). Perhaps she was married but shes' out lived her children (and maybe even grandchildren?). Perhaps her family can't afford it - they're VERY expensive.

WigWamBam Mon 30-Jul-07 13:46:16

They can be really, really expensive bought privately - they can cost thousands of pounds. Far beyond the purses of a lot of people.

But it's definitely not right that she should have to wait.

beansprout Mon 30-Jul-07 13:46:23

Not everyone has the option of going private - hence the NHS!!

TheQueenOfQuotes Mon 30-Jul-07 13:47:05

I seem to recall that my grandad's one cost about £2000 - and that was about 2yrs ago!

paulaplumpbottom Mon 30-Jul-07 13:47:12

Thats awful, was she completely deaf without it?

TheMuppetMuggle Mon 30-Jul-07 13:54:49

My mums ones cost about £3000.

TheMuppetMuggle Mon 30-Jul-07 13:55:24

We all scrimped and saved to get them as she would of had to wait months on NHS

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Mon 30-Jul-07 14:01:46

I'm currently trying to deal with this issue for one of my clients. She is 97, and totally isolated by her hearing impairment.

She had the appointment in December, but Audiology have said it could be up to 2 years before she gets her aid. She will very likely die before she is given the chance to have a normal conversation again or hear her great-grandchildren's voices. GP agrees it is a f*cking disgrace, but can't do anything to influence matters.


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