Anti-semitism in Labour Party - Panorama

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PierreBezukov Fri 12-Jul-19 14:01:46

I can't understand why there is no thread on this. I watched the Panorama programme last night and found it sickening - Labour is destroying itself. It is now an institutionally racist party where Jews are systematically targeted, harassed and bullied. Invedgitations into such cases are being interfered with from Corbyn's office and Jennie Formby to downgrade their seriousness.

The scariest thing was when I went on Twitter afterwards and read the comments about the programme - either Momentum trolls were out in force or there is a lot more Anti-semitism in the UK than I'd realised.

BBC News - Labour general secretary criticises 'irresponsible' Tom Watson

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lavenderhidcote Fri 12-Jul-19 14:32:46

I have just looked at the Politics section for the first time ever to see if there was a thread there and there is but it is a bit of a non-thread so you are right this has a very low profile. Perhaps many people (including myself) don't really understand why the Labour party are now so anti-Semitic, if you can explain that to me please do so. But I agree it is vile. What I do know is that until the last 2 elections I had voted Labour for 30+ years but I will not be voting Labour again until they sort themselves out, which is not going to happen while JC is "leader."

PierreBezukov Fri 12-Jul-19 15:02:43

If you watch the Programme it helps explain it - it says the rise of Anti-semitism coincided with the election of Corbyn as leader and the influx of thousands of new hard-left members. The pro-Palestine stuff is being used as a cloak for antisemitism.

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MyBeloved Fri 12-Jul-19 18:35:23

The programme barely scratched the surface, it is much worse and more prolific in the LP than could ever be addressed in a 1 hour programme.

It is frightening and I hope tha the good people of the UK now realise what is going on. It is a very vulnerable feeling, being a jew just now. If JC wins a GE, I will uproot my family and leave. It's just awful.

PierreBezukov Fri 12-Jul-19 19:44:12

I was shocked by the number of Twitter comments that simply dismissed the programme as 'Tory' or BBC propaganda and those saying 'they need to do a programme on islamophobia in the Tory party' - the Whataboutery that apparently makes it OK?

The tweets saying 'they're just a bunch of useless whingers who deserved to be sacked anyway'. And 'how much were they paid for going on the programme'?, one person claiming it was £30,000 each! In other words, the tweets were full of anti-semitism, I was utterly shocked.

And those minimising it by saying 'only eight'? That's nothing etc. As you say, they are clearly a drop in the ocean.

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