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Gagging order businessman - How do I find out who it is?!

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PIPERHELLO Sat 06-Jul-19 23:50:38

Any of you know where on the internet I can find his name... ?! I'm intrigued & feel the judge's decision was way off on this one.

BanditoShipman Mon 08-Jul-19 23:50:29

Sugar has said not him. Can’t be green wasn’t it him last time? Virgin, no idea if is him

Verily1 Mon 08-Jul-19 23:44:40

Planes trains and automobiles

howwudufeel Mon 08-Jul-19 22:14:12

These threads are not fair.

Jon65 Mon 08-Jul-19 22:10:34

Think of brands of relish/pickle . . .

BentNeckLady Mon 08-Jul-19 22:07:25

I thought the chaste one has dementia so I guess if it is him that will be why?

Wtf is a dick pickle?

LikeDolphinsCanSwin Mon 08-Jul-19 22:07:01

They are the only two businessmen a large proportion of the general public know of. Therefore they get mentioned all over the place. Last time it wasn’t either of them ...

Battytwatty Mon 08-Jul-19 22:03:18

I’d love to know too. The report in the Times said he’s a business man with strong political and society connections. Married more than once. Adult children. Properties uk and abroad I felt they gave as many clues as possible but I still can’t work it out.
I didn’t know the ‘chaste ‘ one had a dodgy rep ??

ginandbearit Mon 08-Jul-19 15:11:49

From what the Times did give away it seemed to be an older , often married man with adult children , in poor health ...which brought to mind their owner Rupert Murdoch ! They wouldn't gun for him would they ?!
Would love to know ..did wonder about Beardy , he must have had to pay off dozens of women over the years because of his gropiness and shenanigans

trollopolis Sun 07-Jul-19 19:43:37

Last time similar came up, the most frequently hinted-at were not the person. Even though some people were claiming inside knowledge, they were still dead wrong. Take everything on there with a huge pinch of salt

LoafofSellotape Sun 07-Jul-19 19:42:47

Nice bump! We were discussing this over tea tonight.

PIPERHELLO Sun 07-Jul-19 19:40:52


HumptyNumptyNooNoo Sun 07-Jul-19 09:20:44

This sort of thing might prevent one business person being identified and their reputation being tainted - but the rumours are damaging to lots of others . That's not fair on them !

StealthPolarBear Sun 07-Jul-19 08:53:06

In crap at this but evenive got the two people smile

7yo7yo Sun 07-Jul-19 07:58:28


PIPERHELLO Sun 07-Jul-19 07:52:20

Not him this time cos he's been married only once

PIPERHELLO Sun 07-Jul-19 07:51:26

Nah not him again surely?!

BambooBoobam Sun 07-Jul-19 07:50:08

I thought it was about the yellow+blue= *

PIPERHELLO Sun 07-Jul-19 07:46:15

I can't find anything on twitter!! #mrx brings up nothing.
Please someone better at twitter than me tell me what I need to do!!

PIPERHELLO Sun 07-Jul-19 07:38:22

Dick pickle!! Lol

Him?!?! Wow...

OrchidInTheSun Sun 07-Jul-19 00:40:44

It's not Sugar - the Times which broke the story said he had been marred more than once and made a point about properties outside the U.K.

LoafofSellotape Sun 07-Jul-19 00:35:22

I think the same about the chaste one.

ursuslemonade Sun 07-Jul-19 00:33:42

I reckon the sweet one you can find in a series on bbc1 between 9-10 pm once a week giving out tasks to keen entrepreneurs 😀

Ivegotthree Sun 07-Jul-19 00:33:07

Sugar is sweet

Ivegotthree Sun 07-Jul-19 00:32:31

From the above clues I think he might be a Virgin

Whisky2014 Sun 07-Jul-19 00:31:11

Dick pickle?

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