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Ian Brady had access to vulnerable teenagers in orison

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SunsetBeetch Wed 26-Jun-19 06:48:29

Oh god. Just sickening.

SunsetBeetch Wed 26-Jun-19 06:49:37

An all too familiar story. People raised concerns and were ignored angry

AravisQueenOfArchenland Wed 26-Jun-19 21:10:11

This is awful, why was he given free reign like this? Is it awful I think, why didn't they just let the bastard starve himself..?

What the hell was that Longford guy playing at? I'd never heard of him, but he sounds dodgy as anything?

Bluerussian Sat 29-Jun-19 22:06:59

Longford was OK. He believed there was good in everyone, could be rather naive but basically a good man.

Regarding this news about Brady, are we any better off for knowing more about this monster? I wish all traces of him had died with him, it makes me sick when I see his name on a headline. Same goes for his accomplice and R & F West. We know what they did, is there any point in bringing it up time and time again.

I'm sometimes up in the night and put the TV on, flipping through the channels. The amount of documentary programmes I've seen advertised about horrific serial killers/torturers/sex offenders, including those mentioned above, is quite alarming. I know enough to know I don't want to see them, have enough trouble sleeping without being terrified out of my wits but can imagine some younger, single people being curious and drawn to watch. It's just not healthy.

MyGastIsFlabbered Tue 02-Jul-19 22:25:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MyGastIsFlabbered Tue 02-Jul-19 22:26:17

Oops wrong thread-how did that happen? Have reported.

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