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how can a whole country have a power cut?

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floraloctopus Sun 16-Jun-19 13:12:10

I don't think I've ever heard of that happening before.

sergeilavrov Mon 17-Jun-19 00:09:33

It’s very common in Lebanon, for example. The government is unable to supply continuous electricity, so they do so for only set hours. Then you have to get a generator from a private company if you can afford one, which supports a different number of appliances depending on which package you buy. The outdated grid is overwhelmed, and too expensive to run.

In countries where the grid is essentially one big circuit, a fault within the system cuts power for everyone, instead of a small local area like you’d expect in the UK. These tend to be countries where there isn’t sufficient government power and finance to update the technology, worsened by growing populations.

ViserionTheDragon Mon 17-Jun-19 00:15:10

Yep, I've stayed in Lebanon and other parts of the Middle East where it's the norm not to have 24 hour electricity. It's pretty grim and make me grateful that I live in the UK.

ViserionTheDragon Mon 17-Jun-19 00:15:45

Make = makes

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