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Richard Hammond abandons porsche in floods and runs 16 miles home to daughters 4th Birthday.

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Lauriefairycake Mon 23-Jul-07 10:21:31

How cute is that.

That's a real man that it.

I could just squidge his cheeks me

katiebell100 Mon 23-Jul-07 10:24:55

That's great

I hope all dad's would do the same!

Gizmo Mon 23-Jul-07 10:25:31

I hope the water wasn't too deep..

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Mon 23-Jul-07 10:27:22


mumofSlytherinsmonsters Mon 23-Jul-07 10:28:41

lol @ gizmo!

Thats so lovely...did he make it on tie? assuming he can't run as fast as a porsche can go!

Gizmo Mon 23-Jul-07 10:29:11

He is cute, isn't he.

But I couldn't eat a whole one.

harrypotterdies Mon 23-Jul-07 10:29:26


MaureenMLove Mon 23-Jul-07 10:30:59

Agreed, that is lovely, but then again, not every man is lucky enough to probably get his Porsche replaced for nothing......

EscapeFrom Mon 23-Jul-07 10:31:15

That cannot be real! It must be a PR stunt, no man is that lovely.

I bet he got laid that night!

BettySpaghetti Mon 23-Jul-07 10:32:15

I doubt it EscapeFrom -he'd be too knackered

meowmix Mon 23-Jul-07 10:32:29

16 miles through flood water?

JoolsToo Mon 23-Jul-07 10:33:19

oh purleeeeeeeeeeeease!

Gizmo Mon 23-Jul-07 10:34:19

<running geek gizmo sez:>

16 miles...that would probably be around 2 hours, if he was race fit, wearing shoes and able to run on good ground.

So he was probably only an hour and a half late. And I bet he got asked to do piggybacks, too, when he got home

stressteddy Mon 23-Jul-07 10:34:23

Are you sure he didn't walk on the water?

anorak Mon 23-Jul-07 10:43:59

A real man would have been in the house helping his wife organise the party.

A real man doesn't risk his life by stunt driving and scare his family witless.

Hulababy Mon 23-Jul-07 10:44:14

On sky news

Hulababy Mon 23-Jul-07 10:45:24

Wasn't in time or party, just for the day with his wife and children. Little one's birthday. Took him 2.5 hours.

mumofSlytherinsmonsters Mon 23-Jul-07 10:46:17

ah so not on flood water but traffic build up because of local floods

theman Mon 23-Jul-07 10:47:13

"A real man doesn't risk his life by stunt driving "

yes they do,how much manlier can you get.
i'd say it's a lot easier to abandon a porsche when you're a top gear presenter though.legend of a man.

Sobernow Mon 23-Jul-07 10:48:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pointydog Mon 23-Jul-07 10:48:40

the things that pass for news

Lauriefairycake Mon 23-Jul-07 10:49:01

He set off at 3am cos he'd been in the car 12 hours trying to get home.

He made it in time for his wee girl to get up on her birthday

Hulababy Mon 23-Jul-07 10:49:21

The accident was just that - an accident. part of his job. No more irresponsible really than chosing to be in the forces or something is it?

TBH there were probably lots of abandoned cars. i know there were when the floods hit Sheffield last month. Cars are insured. Just lock them and leave them. It's fine. Loads of people did it here.

mrsbabookaloo Mon 23-Jul-07 10:50:40

I read the title of thread and thought it meant he had abandoned his porsche in floods OF TEARS, and was imagining that he was suffering from PTSD!

theman Mon 23-Jul-07 10:53:21

"the things that pass for news"

well dont.
satire at its finest.
what were you expecting when you read the title?a discourse on modern politics?a critical assessment of the euro and how it might benifit the uk?

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