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Flood Update - Can you get out of Evesham, anybody help?

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RedTartanLass Sat 21-Jul-07 08:14:04

DH stranded in Evesham, anybody from Evesham give me an update on how bad the roads are. Pleasae

Shoshable Sat 21-Jul-07 08:30:44

just bumping for you, how long has he been stuck?

RedTartanLass Sat 21-Jul-07 08:34:26

Left Birmingham Airport 6pm last night, ended up i n Evesham about 11pm!!!

RedTartanLass Sat 21-Jul-07 10:43:45

Please anybody got a dingy to get out of Evesham, aunt is supposed to be flying out, volunteering to help Romanian orphans, but she's stuck in Evesham. Nay suggestions how to get out.

nomdeplume Sat 21-Jul-07 11:04:01

Evesham is a nightmare. I'm in Worcester. The whole county is suffering, I'm afraid

electra Mon 23-Jul-07 19:33:13

Did he get out ok RTL?

RedTartanLass Mon 23-Jul-07 21:13:44

electra, DH got home about 8pm Sat night. Aunt managed to catch her flight.

electra Mon 23-Jul-07 23:32:18

I'm glad it turned out ok. Nightmare isn't it?

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