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Should Pistorius be allowed to run in an able bodied race?

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Reallytired Sun 15-Jul-07 22:10:34

Pistorius is the best disabled runner on earth. He has had both legs ampuated and wears orthorics.

He wants to complete with able bodied runners, but some people think is orthorics might give him an unfair advantage.

I am really sceptical that he has any unfair advantage and I think he should be allowed to run if he can qualify.

What do you think?

CrookshanksinJimmyChoos Sun 15-Jul-07 22:12:30

I think he should be allowed to run - I mean I fail to see how having orthotics can be an advantage over having two legs fgs! The people complaining should get a life!

2spells Sun 15-Jul-07 22:13:37

just seen this on the news. and think he is amazing. of course he should be allowed ro run in an able bodied race.

Piffle Sun 15-Jul-07 22:15:07

he is running is he not next mth against the fastest 400 m runner?

MollyWeasleyWays Sun 15-Jul-07 22:15:25

He should enter.

Was at a swimming gala yesterday where one young lad was competing who had just one leg. Was amazing how he hopped around, starting & stopping without any handholds. Was a brilliant swimmer as well!

edam Sun 15-Jul-07 22:16:42

I'd be interested to know how, exactly, orthotics give you an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

Reallytired Sun 15-Jul-07 22:18:21

I think that if orthorics gave an advantage then all the disabled atheletes would have such exceptionally fast times.

amateurarsedoctor Sun 15-Jul-07 22:20:04

Aren't they suggesting that they are giving him extra propulsion as they act as a spring?

Whatever they say, I think he's awesome.

JammyPotter Sun 15-Jul-07 22:21:37

i personally wuldnt have a problem with him running in an able bodied race but wonder whether sceptics are concerned about whether he should compete and remain in one camp or another. Once he competes in the Olympics would he be able to still compete in special Olympics and other races

2spells Sun 15-Jul-07 22:30:03

what is wrong with that

Piffle Mon 16-Jul-07 13:07:43

huge disadvantage it would seem he was disq for running outside his lane

HedTwigg Mon 16-Jul-07 13:11:21

I do think its an interesting question: in the world of professional cycling there are many technological innovations that aren't allowed due to unfair advantage

I wonder if he would be technologically advantaged and hence should not be allowed to compete as he comes with the advantage

LittleLupin Mon 16-Jul-07 13:40:45

I think what he has achieved thus far has been amazing - not just in light of him being disabled, but overall in terms of sporting ability.

However, I do think that allowing him to run in a race with able-bodied runners could lead to problems of unfair advantage. Orthotics will develop and advance - legs will always be the same.

We wouldn't allow an able-bodied runner to use something that gave him an advantage over other runners, would we?

mozhe Mon 16-Jul-07 13:46:38

Yes....if he can qualify, let him compete on equal terms with non-disabled...any 'advantage' his artificial legs give him will be offset imo by other physical disadvantages.
Good luck to him...he is a plucky guy.

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