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Another woman murdered with sex used as the defence

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ILoveMaxiBondi Thu 11-Apr-19 10:46:38

Here we go again. This seems to be the go to defence now when men murder their partners. All he has to do is say “we had sex”. Thankfully this case seems to be being properly investigated.

ChristmasFluff Sun 26-May-19 16:36:23

Ooops, smoehow deleted where I said that the whole 'choking women during sex' thing 'going mainstream' has provided a great alibi for male murderers.

TemporaryPermanent Sun 26-May-19 16:46:02

I've recently discussed some sexual boundaries with a normal seeming man. He reports choking as something he's done and wanting it done to him. I've told him the airway is not a playground as far as I'm concerned. I agree it's incredibly odd that this truly stupid risk has become so normalised.

I am mildly comforted that this defence so rarely works.

BogglesGoggles Sun 26-May-19 16:49:42

@tocketsonsalenow it’s considered pretty normal amongst young people.

Graphista Sun 26-May-19 17:05:40

Puts British police and courts to shame that they're not buying such utter bollocks!

Personally such offenders should be charged with rape too!

"It's about time sex became an aggravating factor not a defence." Absolutely!

"It's not my thing but I knew there are people who like BDSM and related activities in their sex lives but if that is something you want to be involved in then that should give you even more responsibility for keeping your partner/s safe not remove responsibility."

It is my thing - I don't know anyone in the community that thinks the cases where women have ended up dead or seriously injured are remotely acceptable! With those of us that do practice it/enjoy it there is lots of discussion and safeguards put in place, irresponsible to do otherwise, not only for the sub but the master/mistress too as they don't need the hassle of being accused of stuff when they HAVEN'T done anything not consented to - and certain things can NEVER be consented to by anyone sensible.

"but what judge and jury are going to see cuts and broken bones and think it just got a bit outta hand? C'mon." The whole point of this thread is that in the uk there have been several cases where the victim sustained horrific injuries that judges and juries DID think "sex game gone wrong" justified!!

"the most blatantly vindictive murders are a result of meeting men and sleeping with them on the same day, if not within a couple hours. The remainder appear to be mostly women in unhealthy relationships (abusive partners and such) where I can fully believe both accidental and intentional narratives related to their deaths." Victim blaming misogynistic tripe!! Nothing wrong with women having casual sex, and abusive partners & their actions are not the responsibility of their victims!!

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