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ooh look - naughty charles kennedy has a fag on train

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southeastastra Fri 06-Jul-07 20:08:00

he's such a maverick

Elasticwoman Fri 06-Jul-07 20:58:55

Clearly suffers from highly addictive personality.

clutteredup Fri 06-Jul-07 21:00:19

Do you think he did it so someone might remeber who he was? I bet the man on the train asked him what his name was.

tissy Fri 06-Jul-07 21:08:26

he's gone, in a short space of time, from credible politician, to apthetic has-been

edam Fri 06-Jul-07 21:09:04

Train journeys are so bloody awful they make me long for a sodding cigarette. Signal failure. Points failure. No bloody seats. Wonder how anyone survives them without strong medication, really.

southeastastra Fri 06-Jul-07 21:09:31

i do feel a bit sorry for him, he was humiliated in public like a naughty schoolboy and now this..

expatinscotland Fri 06-Jul-07 21:11:02

Was he drunk, too?

I'm with ya, edam.

I don't ride trains anymore because they always make me want to smoke and now even the platforms are non-smoking.

DrippingLizzie Fri 06-Jul-07 21:11:06

I've heard that Mark Oaten also likes having a fag on the train

snowleopard Fri 06-Jul-07 21:12:45

Ha ha DL!

What a twonk though, Charlie I mean. He really must have been desperate.

Elasticwoman Fri 06-Jul-07 21:20:01

What for, the fag or the publicity?

snowleopard Fri 06-Jul-07 23:18:45

The fag. If it was just publicity he was after, I'm sure Oaten would have obliged...

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