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madeline appeal shown before shrek.

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ooompaloompa Tue 03-Jul-07 18:56:37

To all those who are disgusted that an appeal was shown before the shrek film, should really get a grip of themselves and put things into perspective.A young girl has gone missing and we cant shelter our children from the realities of life. I'm sure if it was your little boy or girl that went missing, you would want to keep them in the publics mind for as long as possible.

TroyMcClure Tue 03-Jul-07 18:57:15


meandmyflyingmachine Tue 03-Jul-07 18:57:53

Holy Mother of GOD!!!!

LadyTophamHatt Tue 03-Jul-07 18:58:06


LadyVictoriaOfCake Tue 03-Jul-07 18:58:54

you are right you cant shelter kids from realities of life. but i want to be able to choose how and when i tell them.

doughnuts Tue 03-Jul-07 18:59:01

ooompaloompa - if you're going to post why not spell her name right ?

Tamum Tue 03-Jul-07 18:59:16

Oh come on, it must be at least 5 minutes since someone started a thread to point out the error of our ways. Let's be nice

PandaG Tue 03-Jul-07 18:59:27

done this one already

lulumama Tue 03-Jul-07 18:59:54

what the fecking hell is going on here today

please , for the love of god and all that is holy

cease and desist and read the other half dozen threads about this

TheArmadillo Tue 03-Jul-07 19:00:13

dear god can you not join one of the 56 million other threads on here if you want to debate about it

OTherwise you just look like an attention seeker.

Remarkably similar posting style to the other newbie threads on this

Argh I don't care


akaJamiesMum Tue 03-Jul-07 19:01:34

parp parp parp parp parp

SueBaroo Tue 03-Jul-07 19:01:36

*has mental image of all the Sky news viewers rushing to their computers to find that wickedheartlessMumsnet bunch and give them what for!!!*

WigWamBam Tue 03-Jul-07 19:02:04

Sod off.

On second thoughts, go and actually read the thread and see what was said, rather than just read the pieces that were in the newspaper - which were selected for effect.

And then sod off.

ooompaloompa Tue 03-Jul-07 19:03:34

ooohhh!!! Handbags ladies.

LadyTophamHatt Tue 03-Jul-07 19:03:48

do you know what? call be heartless if youlike but I'm bored shitless with seeing these threads.


does anyone actually think that we want her to stay missing??

of course we bloody don't FGS.


LadyTophamHatt Tue 03-Jul-07 19:04:58

seeing these threads and reading about everywhere else too.

sorry but I am.

akaJamiesMum Tue 03-Jul-07 19:08:06

...some of these people are thickos though. Sad little lives and nothing better to do than troll around forums which just might have said something that threatens their own narrow view of the world.

My view? I hope to goodness Madeleine is safe out there but given the nutters who inhabit this world I sadly doubt she is still alive. I think Madeleine's parents are doing all the things that feel right and keep her name in the media - all very laudable and all the things any of us would want to do if this was our child.

Whetehr or not it is right to show an advert prior to a children's film I'll leave to other people to debate.

sparklygothkat Tue 03-Jul-07 19:19:12


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