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There is a god - tea is healthier than water

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Enid Tue 03-Jul-07 10:45:21

Enid Tue 03-Jul-07 10:45:40

lovely tea

clutteredup Tue 03-Jul-07 10:48:15

For the first time since I've had children I'm actually doing something right!!!

MrBocoBurns Tue 03-Jul-07 10:49:59

This is the best news in weeks!

hoxtonchick Tue 03-Jul-07 10:50:31

ick to tea. water rules!

PersonalClown Tue 03-Jul-07 10:51:51

I'm doing something right!
I average 6 cups a day.

lionheart Tue 03-Jul-07 11:00:09

lol at title

Enid Tue 03-Jul-07 11:23:00

kettles on

twinings english breakfast anyone?

Marina Tue 03-Jul-07 11:24:40

Dh will be saying I told you so.
Ds made my parents ptsl by asking politely for a pot of tea for one when out on a day trip recently

Enid Tue 03-Jul-07 11:25:13

a boy after my own heart

dd3 loves tea

Marina Tue 03-Jul-07 11:26:02

Mine both already love Redbush but ds is ready to stand up and be counted on the leaded front

LilRedWG Tue 03-Jul-07 11:26:45

Thank God for good news!

MaureenMLove Tue 03-Jul-07 11:26:46

Why today!!!! I ran out of teabags last night, I've got two little mindees today, no car and its pouring with rain, so I couldn't have a cup of tea if I tried! I'm gagging for a cup of splosh!

Marina Tue 03-Jul-07 11:27:09

Enid, but if she is like dd you could be drinking hemlock and they'd still "like" it...if mummy is enjoying it, then it has to be good. And worth stealing

Hathor Tue 03-Jul-07 11:27:47

"Dr Ruxton's team found average tea consumption was just under three cups per day."


KentBrockman Tue 03-Jul-07 11:28:37

Jolly good! I have been known to average 10 cups a day .

Enid, I'll have some Yorkshire if there's any going thanks.

flibbertyjibbet Tue 03-Jul-07 11:31:37

When picking DS1 up from nursery last week I was told by a concerned member of staff that he had asked for a cup of tea with his lunch, and that tea isn't really a suitable drink for a 2yo. When I stopped laughing I explained that baby drinks from a bottle or spouty cup, and grown ups pass 'proper' cups to each other saying 'cup of tea love', so he thinks the vessel with a handle and open top is called cup of tea even if there is milk in it! Did make dp and I wonder if we drink far too much tea though.

hippmummy Tue 03-Jul-07 11:31:49

I got really really excited until I read the last line...

"The Tea Council provided funding for the work. Dr Ruxton stressed that the work was independent."

Now I don't know what to think.

Hathor Tue 03-Jul-07 11:32:38

OK - who has the max per day of tea? Me about 10 cups. Trump that.

MaureenMLove Tue 03-Jul-07 11:36:13

I have 2 before school, one after. One at 11'ish, one at lunchtime, one after school, one after mindees have gone home, one after dinner and possibly 2 in the evening. How many's that.....Oh same as you, 10!

Hathor Tue 03-Jul-07 11:37:41

Snap then.

LadyVictoriaOfCake Tue 03-Jul-07 11:38:49

yay for tea!

i'm putting the kettle back on

MamaMaiasaura Tue 03-Jul-07 11:43:06

yay ds loves a nice cup of tea

OrmIrian Tue 03-Jul-07 11:47:58

I love tea. A friend of mine finds me most amusing because I always offer coffee in the mornings and tea in the afternoons. She never drinks tea otherwise.

However I'm quite happy to drink gallons of water too. I'd struggle to drink 2.5 litres of tea... Also not easy to go running with a tea pot.

bossykate Tue 03-Jul-07 11:56:22

i knew there was a reason i am hardly ever thirsty! and why i look so youthful

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