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olive oil has been evacuated byt he way

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TroyMcClure Tue 03-Jul-07 10:44:15

shw told me

( not in the medical sense)

TroyMcClure Tue 03-Jul-07 10:44:46

she emaield me this am

TroyMcClure Tue 03-Jul-07 10:45:00

"Our office has just been evacuated by the police! Bomb alert or summat

In this rain, they have no consideration at all

Starbucks cordoned off outside my window, it is better then the tv."

LennyLapin Tue 03-Jul-07 10:45:09

from flooding?

Rhubarb Tue 03-Jul-07 10:45:13

evacuated where? From Oldham?

LennyLapin Tue 03-Jul-07 10:45:23

Oh. Is she Hammersmith way?

Enid Tue 03-Jul-07 10:46:04

oo er

Rhubarb Tue 03-Jul-07 10:46:06

Oh, she works in Manchester does she? We used to get jokers phoning in with bomb scares at the height of the IRA bombings.

Hope it is just a joker.

suzywong Tue 03-Jul-07 10:46:11

God, she's SUCH a drama queeen

TroyMcClure Tue 03-Jul-07 10:46:13

from donw town manch i htink

some treny office where she can wear converse i s all i know

architects i htink.

Lizzylou Tue 03-Jul-07 10:46:24

I think she works in Manchester City Centre(I remember as it must be near where I used to work pre-kids)

TroyMcClure Tue 03-Jul-07 10:46:45

near a next that she loathes

KentBrockman Tue 03-Jul-07 10:48:55

Yes, think she works in City Centre, same as my dh. He hasn't called to say anything has/is happening though.

TroyMcClure Tue 03-Jul-07 10:49:18

KB KNWOS abotu news htough

KentBrockman Tue 03-Jul-07 10:51:00

<snort>, am rubbish KB though...

FioFio Tue 03-Jul-07 10:53:05

Message withdrawn

TroyMcClure Tue 03-Jul-07 10:53:17


KrustyTheClown Tue 03-Jul-07 10:54:05

lol Fio you are on top form today

fillyjonk Tue 03-Jul-07 10:54:48


how is she emailing if she has been evacuated?

is it a newfangled technology thing?

pmsl at idea that one would be evacuated and then asap email mumsnetters

KentBrockman Tue 03-Jul-07 10:54:53

Yes, have just phoned dh, he says there are police everywhere and they were doing stop and search on the Parkway <redeems self>.

MerlinsBeard Tue 03-Jul-07 10:55:40

lots of bomb scraes in manchester centre, apparently there are government buildings somewhere near the arndale but dunno how true that is. i worked on deansgate for a good few years and got evacuated at least 1/2 times a month

oliveoil Tue 03-Jul-07 11:20:33

I work in Primark, I am the snidey one on the till putting your purchases through without a word...

I got to work and there were police everywhere and tape cordoning off the road

I asked one of those Street Wardens (ie failed copper) what to do and he said "I don't know"

so I went into work and the receptionist said "I don't know"

so I went back down and a Successful Copper ran across the street and screeched at me to GET AWAY, GO THAT WAY <<lots of arm waving>>>

but all the staff are in there, said I <<points at swish office>>

get them out RIGHT NOW, said he

cue lots of running up and down 3 flights informing staff

all stood in the rain whilst everyone phoned home/work/loved ones/the moon

then back in

emailed cod

excitement over for the day (hopefully)

Rhubarb Tue 03-Jul-07 11:23:08

Can you not go home with shock? It has obviously been a traumatic event and you need to rest and recover!

ledodgy Tue 03-Jul-07 11:23:38

So in a state of emergency when everyone else is phoning loved ones, you phone Cod?

ledodgy Tue 03-Jul-07 11:23:49

*email Cod I mean

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